Friday Evening Celebration

After we went to the store called Tuesday Morning, the lady we are staying with decided we should all go out to eat to celebrate our new apartment. We all discussed what we wanted to eat, and we all finally agreed on down home Oklahoma cooking. We went to a restaurant called Del Rancho which means “of the ranch” in Spanish.

The is a picture of the outside of the menu with a little cowboy on it.
One of my favorites that you can’t get if you get away from the Oklahoma and Texas area is the chicken fried steak.
They even had tater tots and fried okra on the menu. We ordered some okra because my friend and I knew it was good, but my daughter had never eaten any, and when she tried it, she liked it too.
Inside Del Rancho

Inside the restaurant, they had an area where the cooks and waitresses were, and it looked like an old ranch house. If you look up on the roof, they had cow skins and the skull of a bull with horns.

My small chicken fried steak with tater tots and
Texas toast

My food is in a to go box. We didn’t plan on taking our food to go, but I got sick. I have a problem when I eat. If I don’t concentrate, eat really slow, and chew my food well, the food doesn’t go down. I forget when I am talking and have a good time and eat normally, but I have to concentrate when I eat or I get myself in trouble. I got in trouble and had to excuse myself from the table because I was in so much pain. I went to the parking lot and walked around for a while until my pain went away, and when I went back inside, they were read to leave and go get ice cream.

My daughter had Bubble gun ice cream.
I had pecan praline ice ream. I used to eat this when I lived in Texas and loved it!
Our friend got a pecan praline Sunday.

When we left Del Rancho, everyone wanted to go to Braums to get ice cream. They have different flavors from Baskin Robbins. In Korea, we had lots of Baskin Robbins, but Braums is something unique to this area of the world, Oklahoma, and it is really good.

We played Apples to Apples.
I won several games, and our friend won several games of Apples to Apples.

After we went for ice cream, we went to our friend’s house. She got out the Apples to Apples game. She had one, but really didn’t know how to play it, so we taught her. We laughed the rest of the evening because this is a really fun game!! When it says on the box that the game is hilarious, they aren’t kidding!! Despite my problem at the restaurant, we still had a fun evening.

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