Doors are Finally Opening!

To tell you how bad the internet is where we are staying, I wrote this yesterday, but I couldn’t publish it because even though the internet was on, it wouldn’t publish it. Often, I can’t add pictures I want to add. Often if I get a picture in the blog, it is over the text. My daughter’s phone has trouble working, so she goes outside trying to get a signal. The reception is just bad where we are, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we will get a place to stay more permanently and better internet.

Even if we paid for all the price of the lease, for several months, up front, they say they wouldn’t let us move it. We have to show a job. They don’t want cash. There are even signs saying they won’t accept cash. If you want to rent an apartment in Oklahoma City, you need some cash, but a lot of cash won’t help. They want to see that you have a monthly income.

This morning, My daughter and I got up and hit it again. We have been trying to get into an apartment or a trailer or something, but we have been running into road blocks. We actually thought that if we had cash, we could just come to Oklahoma City and rent an apartment. However, they don’t like cash. In fact, there are signs on some of the offices that actually say, “No Cash!” In order to get into an apartment, you have to show that you have a job, but we just stepped off the plane. No one has had luck at getting a job yet. My daughter has been on several interviews, but no one has called her even thought it seems like a possibility that she could still get one of the jobs. No one would let us just pay for an apartment and move it. My daughter was getting downright depressed.

After a morning of looking again and getting no where, we came back to the place we have been staying with headaches. My daughter felt like everything was downright useless. She had a phone interview at lunch time, and they didn’t call, so she called them, and it went to voice mail. I keep trying to encourage her and tell her we need to just keep trying, and something good will happen. This afternoon, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to try again. She had put a hold on an apartment that said when she got a job, she could rent an apartment from them, but she didn’t have a job yet, so we went back to get the money we had put on the apartment. On the way, I suggested to my daughter that we get a treat, and maybe it would help her headache, and I was also thinking It would cheer her up. Chocolate is known for having chemicals in it that make you happy, and Coca Cola has caffeine, and caffeine can help headaches.

When we walked in the office at the apartment building, I didn’t tell the lady that no one had a job yet, but I said, “I think we should look at the apartment first,” so she took us to look at a couple of apartments. I asked her if she would let us have it if we paid three months in advance, and she still said, “No.” After that, I asked if we could used my daughter’s husband’s income in Korea to be able to move in, and she gave in and told us we could. He won’t actually be paying. We will, but on paper, they let us use his income. My daughter had a picture of his bank book where his boss had been putting monthly salaries in his account, so the lady decided we could do it!

She gave my daughter a form to fill out, and my Korean son in law has to fill one outpnline too. Something finally worked! I have retirement money, but they didn’t even want my retirement money. They originally just wanted my daughter to get a job here in America, and she has been trying.

One of the conditions of my Korean son in law’s visa is that my daughter come here and establish a home and get a job. We are one step closer to getting things worked out because they consented to letting us rent an apartment. Any day, someone will call and then my daughter will have a job, and that part of the conditions for my Korean son in law’s visa will be covered too. And, by the way, I have figured out that I have been having so much trouble getting my blogs to work lately because the internet is just not very good where we have been staying, but as soon as we move into the apartment, and we can get better internet!!

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