The Outlet Mall in Reno

Today has been another crazy day. We didn’t have a lot planned like other days, so I thought things might go smoother. I promised to make ciorba, Romanian sour soup, for my friends, and I accomplished that. This morning, I got up and did three Korean language blogs because when I wrote about the Korean and Japanese alphabets the other day, everyone seemed to enjoy it, so I thought I had never taught anyone to read in Korean, so I did that. When the trouble started, it was with the internet. I kept trying to send out a song blog in English and Spanish about the new song I had learned, “Diamonds,” but the computer just refused to cooperate no matter what I did. I gave it up and took my daughter to her interview over at the Outlet Mall in Reno.

The food court was bare at dinner time. These guys could go out of business like this.

Reno is across town from where we are, so we had to take the interstate, and it went smoothly. My daughter uses a map on her phone and tells me everywhere to go while I am driving. Someone called her about a job while we were on the road, and it kind of messed the directions up a bit, but I just pulled off and waited for her to be finished so we wouldn’t get lost. When she got done, we were actually pretty close to the Outlet Mall, where she had an interview.

There was a giant chess board on one of the walkways, but as you can see, no one was there. The weather was warm, and the concrete just made the place seem so bare! The wind was slightly blowing, and it was desolate.

We were kind of early, so we walked around the mall getting acquainted with it and finding the place she would have an interview. The mall was so desolate! It looked so dry, and there wasn’t anyone there. It was like a ghost town. The walkways between the stores were outside, and it was paved. It seemed like something out of Hollywood depicting a ghost town in the old west. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a tumble weed had gone blowing through.

I ate my first icy many years ago when I first came to Oklahoma in junior high, and I haven’t had one for years. Oklahoma really needs treats like this because it is hot and windy. The humidity seems extremely low as compared to where we were in Korea. We won’t have any trouble with the bread molding here!

We lived close to a mall in Korea, and the mall was never that vacant. If we went to the mall, it was always full of people. If the day was warm, it was even more full of people. The mall is a place full of life in Korea, and to see the Outlet Mall so desolate was really strange.

The food court was vacant at dinner time.
There were two other people in the food court, and they weren’t eating either. Those restaurants could go out of business like this.

We went into the food court to sit in the air conditioning for a few minutes, and I couldn’t believe how few people were in there!! It was close to dinner time, but it was deserted! The food court in Korea was always popping full of people, and sometimes it got so full we could hardly find a seat. We wanted to come to a place with more space, but we really didn’t want to come to a vacant place.

At Auntie Anne’s
My daughter bought me a cut up pretzel with cinnamon and sugar on it. She knows I always enjoy these.
She also bought me a cherry icy. It was really good. I haven’t had one of these for years!!

Before my daughter went in for her interview, we ran into an Auntie Anne’s, a place where you can buy big pretzels. She knows how much I like their pretzels, so she suggested that we go in and get some. She bought me a pretzel and a icy, but she didn’t want to buy one for herself because she said she didn’t have time to finish it before her interview.

She went on to her interview, and I went to the car to wait for her. I at the pretzel, drank the icy, and began by listening to classical music on the radio, but then switched stations and listened to a religious show in Spanish. Every time I look for a Spanish station, that seems to be the only kind of radio shows I can find in Spanish. Today, the show was definitely Pentecostal because they kept talking about a guy who had been paralyzed for thirty years, and he had a lot of faith, so God healed him, so now he can walk. Maybe their theology was funny, but I appreciated their faith and listening to Spanish was good for me.

In a few minutes, my daughter came back. They didn’t offer her the job during the interview because the boss was gone, and he had an employee interview her for him, but my daughter thinks she has the job once the boss comes back from Florida, if one of her other interviewers doesn’t offer her a job first.

We drove on home, and it just seems that things are so wide and far apart here. I liked using the cruise control on the car. In Korea, they didn’t have cruise control, and I couldn’t have used it anyway because there was always just too much traffic. I had to be on guard all the time not to hit someone because the place was so crowded. It is much easier to drive in America.

When we got home, we ate some of the ciorba I made earlier. After that, I picked up my computer and tried to finish my blog about the song called “Diamonds.” However, it was basically impossible. My computer just is not going to cooperate to get that song out. I struggled and struggled! I got so tired I felt like I could cry, so I just gave up and went to bed. It was only 8:00. It was probably jet lag on my part that made me so tired, and when you are tired, you just can’t struggle with your computer. My daughter keeps telling me the internet where we are staying is really sketchy. It isn’t as good as what we had in Korea, but she is hoping when we get our own place, she will be able to secure better internet. It is a miracle that I got to the end of this blog because that “Diamonds” blog is just causing trouble.

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