Salvation Has Been Brought Down (Mantuirea a Coborat Jos)

Buna Seara. Sper ca tot sunt bine in seara asta. (I hope everyone is fine this evening.) Am un cantec pe care este plina de viata astazi. (I have a very lively song today.) Este un cantec pe care toti se bucura cand ei cant. (It is a song that everyone is happy when they sing.)

Salvation Has Been Brought Down

Jesus gave his life a ransom yonder on Calvary,

Mantuirea a Coborat Jos

Iesu a dat viata lui rascumparare departe pe Calvar,

On Mount Calvary, cruel Calvary;

Pe Munte Calvar, nemilos Calvar;

Paved the way by blood that we might

Pavat calea din singlele pentru noi sa

win a shining crown

castigam o corona stralucire

Praise his holy name,

Laudati sfant numele lui

only men: blessed holy name, salvation has been brought down, Oh glory,

doar barbaele: bincuvantat sfant nume, mantaire a coborat jos,

everyone: Praise

toti: Laudati

only men: the Lord

doar barbatele: Domnul

everyone: the Lord

Toti: Domnul

only men: blessed Lord

doar barbatele: binecuvantat Domn

everyone: salvation has been brought down

Toti: mantuire era coborat jos

from Heaven,

din Cer



men only: and shout

doar barbatele: si strigati

everyone: and shout

Toti: Si strigati

men only: go and shout

doar barbatele: mergeti si strigati

everyone: And tell it the world around,

Toti: Si le spuneti la toti pe pamant

men only: go preach it and

doar barbatele: mergeti si predicate cuvantul

everyone: Tell it today

Toti: Le spuneti azi

To people in sorrow,

Oamenilor pe care tristati

Tell it today,

Le spunteti azi,

And tell it tomorrow.

Y le spuneti maine,

Preach the word of God that we might win a crown

Predicati cuvantul lui Dumnezeu pentru noi sa castigam o corona stralucire

men only: a shining…….in Heaven

doar barbatele: stralucire…..in Cer

everyone: Tell

Toti: spuneti

men only: the lost

doar barbatele: cel pierdut

everyone: the lost

Toti: cel pierdut

men only: all the lost

doar barbatele: tot pe care sunt pierdut

everyone: salvation is full and free

Toti: matuire e plin si fara plata

to sinners,

pentru pacatosi

spread the news

intindeti vestea

men only: the news, blessed news

doar barbatele: vestea, binecuvant vestea

everyone: all over the land and sea

Toti: peste tot pamantul si marea

men only: go teach it

doar barbatele: mergeti si o predicati

everyone: Tell it afar

Toti: O spuneti departe

in every nation,

in fiecare tara,

Tell it afar

o spuneti departe

All over creation.

Peste tot creatie.



the Lord


the Lord


the blessed Lord

binecuvantat Domnul

salvation has been brought down.

mantuire era coborat jos

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