An Invitation Out to Baskin Robbins

This is Wednesday evening, and we followed the American tradition and went to the church building for Wednesday night Bible study. However, the class we got into wasn’t studying the Bible. They were learning new songs. There were a couple of new songs to me, and they gave me a copy of one of them, so I will have to share it with you on another blog. It is called “Diamonds.” After we learned new songs, my daughter and I were invited to go out for ice cream.

We began the evening by learning new hymns.
After learning new songs, we were invited out to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.
He held the door for everyone to go in.

We have Baskin Robbins in Korea, so if we wanted ice cream, we were in luck the past fourteen years we have been in Korea. In fact, every little bitty town in Korea has a Baskin Robbins. Koreans like ice cream. The thing that was different was that I always ate New York cheese cake ice cream in Korea, and there was none here this evening. I had to go for another that I had eaten in the past that I knew was good. I got mint chocolate chip and so did my daughter. Everyone else in the group got several interesting types of ice cream, and everyone enjoyed themselves eating ice cream.

My mint chocolate chip cone
Jillian’s pumpkin cheese cake ice cream
Jillian’s mother had raspberry swirl with nuts and chocolate ice cream. She kept talking about how good it was.
Jillian’s grandpa had strawberry ice cream.
Jillian’s grandmother had devil’s food chocolate cake ice cream.
Jillian’s dad had lemon ice cream.
Here is Jillian opening her birthday present.
Here is Jillian showing you her Maid Marion doll.

The reason we all went out was because it was the birthday of a little girl we have been getting to know since we got here. Jillian is five years old today. Her grandparents bought her a gift. Her favorite movie is Disney’s Robin Hood, and her favorite character is Maid Marion. Her grandparents got her a Maid Marion doll.

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