This Question Came to My Inbox: Is the Crime Rate in Japan So Low Because They Are Not a Multicultural Society Like America?

Perhaps there is a drop of truth to that, but many people don’t realize there are two different groups in Japan, the Japanese people themselves and the Ainu, the original inhabits of Japan before the Japanese people came from China. The two groups have melded and become one society. The major reason the Japan is peaceful is because of the basic ideas ingrained into the people. In any society, the basic ideas cause the way the people act.

The bowing in Japan is not just a symbol. They are taught to bow from the time they are born. When the father comes into the room, the mother pushes the baby’s head down. That baby feels from birth that they are to be humble toward their father.

In Japan, they are a Confucian culture. Confucianism is not a religious, but a system of thought about the way a society should be put together. The older people are in charge. Most old people have been through a lot. They have learned from the triumphs and mistakes of their past. In a Confucian society, the young people listen to the old people. The young people are humble and taught to be humble from birth. They listen to these old people who are giving advice and who are also ordering them around. They don’t question. They just do as they are told and bow. The bowing is a sign of respect, but the young people actually do respect the older ones.

The old ones in America have been through the school of hard knocks. They learned what got them in trouble and what kept them out, but the young people don’t listen to them. America is about new and fresh ideas coming from the young who are guided by Hollywood and popular music.

This respect for the older ones is not practiced in America. In America, the young people’s respect is for Hollywood, the movies and the music. Lyrics ring through the young people’s brains like “I’m bad!” or “I was born this way!” They are encouraged to rebel. They are not encouraged listen to and learn from the older ones. It is considered cool to be rebellious in the American culture, and the old ones have been taught to look to the young ones for new, fresh ideas. The old ones are listening to the young ones, the young people who have no life experience, who have not been through the school of hard knocks, who are listening to Hollywood and rebellious songs. That is the problem in America, much more than the fact that we are multicultural.

It is the basic thoughts of the people that have been taught to them since birth that help Japan have a low crime rate. Confucianism is not a religion, but it is a thought system, and coupled with Buddhist thoughts and Shinto thoughts, it causes the crime rate to be low because people act on what they believe.

In Japan, they also have Buddhism. I heard a Japanese lady explaining Buddhism once. She said think if it as a board with grooves in it. You hold it slightly slanted and trickle water into it. The water will flow into all the grooves because of gravity. She said Buddhism was like that. You just flow into the grooves where ever you fit. There is no resistance. You just flow into the cracks. With this kind of idea coupled with Confucianism, it is going to cause the people to be more moral and more peaceful because the old people are guiding them, and the young people are letting them.

Between Christianity, Buddhism and the basic Confucian thought, it causes the crime in Korea to be low also.

The same kind of thing happens in Korea. Korea is also a Confucian country. However, about 50% of them claim Christianity and a large portion of the rest of them also claim Buddhism. Christianity teaches good morals, kindness, love, peace, purity, self control, etc. If the old people are in control and no one is rebelling like in America, it will cause the lower crime rate. In these countries, the people in the entertainment businesses are not in charge like in America. The old people are in charge without a doubt. If someone in the entertainment business does something illegal, sleeps around, etc., they are black balled and no longer allowed to be in the public eye until things have been made better. This is very unlike America where we see the people in the entertainment business doing something illegal or immoral as news, and everyone reads it. That promotes it because it makes money and makes these people more popular.

Bible reading in schools would change the way many Americans think and take us to the way our forefathers thought when the crime rate was lower.

Many people are against President Trump. However, he is trying to do something that would be good for America. He understands that the basic ideas of a culture govern what kind of people the people are. The basic ideas can cause a more moral people and a lower crime rate. He is pushing Bible reading in schools in America. It is a good thing. The more people who can grab ahold of things like peace, love, purity, self control, etc., the teachings of Christianity, the better off America will be.

Islam is a problem in any country. Some thought systems cause a lower crime rate, but I lived in Morocco as a little girl, and I saw people being beaten with whips and had to be watched closely because kids were being kidnapped. There were human body parts showing up at the meat market for sale. I have friends from another Muslim country, and my friend told me that he doesn’t like to go back to his country because two people can’t disagree without one trying to kill the other.

Nigeria is a good example. I have been watching Nigeria for a long time because I spent time there when I was young. The government set up a system where everyone in all the high schools needed to study either Christian religious knowledge or Islamic religious knowledge back in the 1970’s. They were trying to make their people a more moral, upright people. It has backfired on them. They now have a population that is divided between Islamic fundamentalists and strong Christians. It is not the Christians who are causing the trouble, but the people who believe in Sharia law, the Islamic fundamentalists. The people who believe in Sharia law attack the Christian villages and kill many people. The Christians don’t fight back. The government tells the Christians to let them deal with the Islamic fundamentalists, and the Christians are listening to the government because that is what Christianity teaches. The Nigerian government is now having to deal with the problem they created by teaching Islam in their schools.

America has Christianity. Many idea systems cause peace and a lower crime rate. We need to be using our idea system that works and not abandoning it as so many in recent years have tried to do. It worked for our forefathers, and it will work for us if we give it a chance. The Japanese and Koreans have no trouble listening to the old people because they are Confucian, and we need to take some lessons from them and learn to listen to our ancestors if we want a lower crime rate.

Confucianism works to make people more peaceful. Buddhism works to make people more peaceful. Christianity works to make people more peaceful. However, Islam doesn’t work. the crime rate in Japan is low because of the basic ideas of the people coming from Confucianism and Buddhism. The crime rate in Korea is low because of the basic ideas of the people coming from Confucianism, Christianity, and Buddhism. The crime rate in America is higher because of the basic ideas coming from Hollywood, but there is hope because we have Christianity. It isn’t a bad idea to let the kids read the Bible in the schools. We need to start black balling people in Hollywood who are not morally and legally good people too. We need to start listening to our grandparents more. The only reason there is not more bloodshed than there is in Nigeria is because of Christianity. We need to be careful about letting Islam into any country. I have known some really nice Islamic people, but they were not fundamentalists. When people truly believe in Islam, everyone around them is in trouble. Ideas govern how people act. Perhaps the fact that we are not all of one culture in America might have something to do with it, but more than anything, it is basic ideas.

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