The Breaking of Bread (Franzele de Paine)

Buna Ziua. Ce faceti? (How are you guys?) Sper ca toti sunt bun astazi. (I hope that everyone is good today.) Incet si incet reusim sa facem tot pentru noi sa locuim aici in America. (Little by little we accomplish to make everything for us to live here in America.) Astazi, am gasit un cantec despre paine. (Today, I found a song about bread.) Biblia spune ca Iesu Cristo e paine de viata. (The Bible says that Jesus is the bread of life.) Asta este inseamna cu Iesu e cel pe care fiecare dintre noi avem nevoie daca vrem sa traim. (That means that Jesus is what each one of us needs if we are going to live.) Si fiecare Dumnica franzem paine la bisercia pentruca in Biblia in Fapte Apostolior, spune ca ei au adunat Duminica sa franze paine. (And every Sunday, we break bread at church because in the Bible in the book of Acts, it says that they gathered to break bread. ) Franzele de paine este inseamna cu cina Domnului. (The breaking of bread means the Lord’s supper.) Cand luam cina Domnului, amintim moarte, inmormanarea, si inviere a lui Iesu. (When we take the Lord’s Supper, we remember the death, burial, and the resurrection of Jesus.) Iesu a inceptu cina Domnului chair inainte de el a murit. (Jesus began the Lord’s Supper just before he died.) El a zis, “Cand faceti asta amintiti.” (He said, “When you do this, remember.”)

The Breaking of Bread

Franzele de Paine

Dear Lord, we break the bread,

Draga Domnul, noi franzam paine,

in memory of that great sacrifice on Calvary;

in memoria de acel sacrificiu mare pe Calvar,

this we do each Lord’s Day

asta facem fiecare Ziua Domnului

As Christ has said,

Cum Cristos n-a spus,

Bless all disciples now

Binecuvanta tot discipulos acum

who break the bread.

Cine franze paine

Bless thou the cup dear Lord,

Binecuvinta ceasca, draga Domnul,

to us this day,

la noi in acest zi,

May we with hearts prepared

Ne lasati cu inimele pregatit

His Word obey;

Cuvantul lui ascult;

We now his death proclaim,

Acum noi proclamam su moartea,

In his own way,

In su propria calea,

Until he comes again,

Pana el vine din noua,

we keep this day.

Noi tinum aceasta zi.

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