Lunch at Wendy’s

We took a long drive looking for places to live and got hungry today, so we pulled off and found a place to eat. We saw a Wendy’s, and it had been so long that I really didn’t remember much about Wendy’s except that they served good chili and other things, but I wasn’t ready for a bowl of chili. The last time I remember eating at Wendy’s was about 25 years ago in Budapest, Hungary, so I was sure it wouldn’t be the same as I remembered.

There were free refills on the drinks, but you didn’t help yourself. If you wanted more, you had to ask the guy behind the counter where you ordered.
The inside of the restaurant

Like with other places in America, they had free refills on the drinks if we wanted. My daughter ordered a chicken sandwich and fries. She said it was pretty good. The baked potato looked good to me. It had cheese and bacon on it. However, I was worried that it may not be quite enough, so I also ordered a cookie. The baked potato also had sour cream and butter if I wanted it. The baked potato was good, but as I thought, I wasn’t quite satisfied when I was done eating it even if it was large with lots of melted cheese and bacon on it. The cookie was good, but it was so downright sweet that it was hard to eat. I guess I am just not that used to things that are that sweet.

My lunch was a large baked potato with melted cheese and bacon on the top.
My daughter ate a chicken sandwich and fries, and she said it was good.
My potato just didn’t seem like quite enough, so I added a cookie. That cookie was so sweet I couldn’t believe it!! I could only eat one and knew that I wouldn’t order another cookie. Since I came to the States, all the cookies and deserts just seem too sweet! This is actually the first one I didn’t just take a bite out of and put it down.

As far as the price, when we ate a Braum’s, I feel like we got more for our money. We really enjoy Sonic too, and there are Sonics everywhere here, but we wanted to try something new. Sonic was more expensive than Braum’s. but it was really good! Wendy’s was as expensive as Sonic, but it wasn’t quite as good. It was only passable as far as I am concerned. We are learning a lot, and one thing we are learning is about the restaurants that are available to us.

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