A Bit of Permanence

We have been trying hard to get established in Oklahoma. Today, we did something else that helps us get a big more established. We got the title to our car and went to the tag agency and got the metal license plate for our car.

I couldn’t get it all in the picture, but this is the Tinker Tag Agency.
This is Oklahoma, the place that used to be called Indian Territory, so on the window, they had an Indian shield with a peace pipe. I am not quite sure what the greet plant across it symbolizes.
People getting things done at the tag office
We got our permanent license plate today.

We got the permanent license plate for our car today. We haven’t been able to figure out how to get it put on the car yet. We looked in the trunk of our car, and we had tools for changing a tire, but none of them worked to take the screw off the temporary tag and replace it with the permanent one. I told my daughter to just put it up in the back window of the car so people could see it until we figured out how to get the temporary tag off and put the permanent one on.


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