Lunch at Braums

My daughter wanted to go for lunch to a place close to where she had a job interview, so we ended up at Braums. My dad used to take us to Braums. It is an ice cream place, but it is also a restaurant that sells hamburgers. According to a guy who lives here, he says that everything at Braums is grown locally. It turned out to be a good place to have lunch.

Going into Braums
The cash register from the grocery store was on the right, and the restaurant was straight ahead and to the left.
There was lots of sherbet.
There was lots of frozen yogurt.
There was lots of vanilla ice cream as well as many different kinds of ice cream.

As we walked in, there was a small grocery store to the right, and there was lots and lots of ice cream, all different kinds and flavors. We walked around and looked at it, and I took some pictures, but there was so much I couldn’t take pictures of all of it for you. There was regular ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, etc. From when I used to live in the States I remember that frozen yogurt tastes as good as real ice cream, but with a fraction of the amount of calories. We didn’t buy ice cream, but we were interested in looking at all the different flavors thinking we could buy some later. There were four aisles of different flavors of ice cream.

The counter where you order

We went on in and ordered something to eat at the counter. We were really happy with the prices because we know American restaurants can be more expensive than eating at Korean restaurants, but it cost about the same as going to Burger King in Korea.

We could get all the free refills on our drinks we wanted. In Korea, there was no free refills, so this is really nice for us.
A picture inside the restaurant
Another picture inside the restaurant/ I was feeling small when I saw the size of the people.
this is our meal. We each ate a cheeseburger, and my daughter had fries to go with hers, but if I eat fries with my burger, it is always too much and I can’t eat it, so I never order the fries with a burger.
The cheese burger looked really good, and it was. As far as I am concerned, it was much better than the ones we found at Burger King in Korea. My daughter agreed it was a step above Burger King.
Our drinks were large, and we got all the free refills we wanted. I actually drank three cups full like this because I have been so dried out since I came here. I think it is the wind.

We had a nice lunch. We enjoyed our cheeseburgers, and my daughter enjoyed her French fries. We drank as much soda pop as we wanted. The price was really good. If you are ever in Oklahoma, I recommend Braums as a good place to eat lunch. After we ate, we hung out for a while until my daughter’s interview that was just down the road. She won’t know whether she got the job until the end of the week. As I was blogging, she just got another interview. She will have a job somewhere soon.

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