Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Cercul Va Fi Neinterupt)

Buna Ziua. Ce mai faci? (How are you doing lately?) In ultimat timp, vietile nostri au schimbat mult, si nu este terminat inca. (Lately, our lives have changed a lot, and it isn’t finished yet.) Daca ai interes poti sa citiesti blogule pe care am scris in ultimat timp sa vada cat de mult vietele nostri schimba acum. (If you are interested, you can read the blogs that I have written lately to see how much our lives are changing now.) Acum asi vreau sa gandesc despre cerul. (Now, I want to think about Heaven.) Nu conteaza unde locuiesti, en ori ce tara, poporul au nevoie sa gandesc despre Dumnezeu. (It doesn’t matter where you live, in any country, people need to think about God.) Daca amintim pe Dumnezeu, el este mai fericit, si noi suntem mai fericit ca el ne iubeste si vrea vietele nostril sa fie cat de bun ca poate. (If we remember God, he is happy, and we are happier because he loves us and wants our lives to be as good as they can be.) Suntem binecuvantat pentru ca Dumnezeu ne iubeste. (We are blessed because God loves us.)

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Cercul Va Fi Neinterrupt

There are loved ones in the glory,

Exista cel iubitele en glorie,

Whose dear forms you often miss:

Pe care esti dor de trupele lor;

When you miss your earthly story,

Cand esti dor de povestea ta de pamant,

Will you join them in your bliss?

Vei fi cu ei unde ei sunt atat de fericit?

Will the circle be unbroken

Cercul va fi neinterupt

By and by, by and by?

Mai tarziu, mai tarziu?

In a better home awaiting,

In o casa mai buna pe care ne astepte,

in the sky, in the sky?

In cerul, in cerul?

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