Untraditional Worship at Choctaw Church

This evening, we visited the Choctaw church of Christ. I was baptized at the Choctaw church of Christ when I was 15 years old, a long time ago. We were hoping to find my cousin there because he told me on Facebook that is where he goes to church. We were also hoped to see Barbara Gentry, a girl I went to high school with who is my Facebook friend. When we got there, we learned that not only one cousin goes to the Choctaw church of Christ, but two. However, neither of them were there and neither was Barbara nor any of the other people I used to know. They are all members there and usually there. In fact, the husband of one of my cousins is a deacon at the church there. This is Labor Day weekend, so many people are out of town on holidays, and that is probably why I didn’t see them. However, it is good to know they all still go to church at Choctaw, and maybe I can eventually find them all, and we had a good worship service this evening.

The sign out on Reno Road for the church
The Choctaw church of Christ building

The worship service was not traditional, and it was good. Usually, churches open with a prayer, then they sing several songs, and then there is a sermon, and then the invitation song at the end. If it is Sunday mornings, they have Communion and Giving, but in the evening, since they have all taken Communion and given their money in the morning, they just announce that anyone who wants to do those things because they didn’t have a chance in the morning, can go to another room and do them. This was not the schedule this evening.

The people singing and reading the book of James.

This evening, we read the book of James together. Between each chapter, they had a song that went along with what the chapter was talking about. It was nice. They ended with that traditional invitation song. It is a tradition, but they feel it is necessary. They always want to give people a chance to come to God or place membership. After the services, we stood around and talked to a lot of people. The people were extremely friendly, and my daughter was very impressed with them.

Standing for the invitation song

On the way to church this evening, our engine light came on, so we drove our car over to the car service, but it was closed because it is Sunday evening. Tomorrow is actually Labor Day, so I don’t know if they will be open tomorrow either. On Tuesday, my daughter has an interview for a job she really wants. If you pray, pray for her that the doors will open and she can get that job. You see, as we have been looking for apartments, they have been giving us a hard time. We thought if we would just show up with cash, they would let us rent an apartment, but not so. It doesn’t matter that we can pay. It matters how much of a salary we have. She has to get a job like the one she will interview for Tuesday or we won’t be able to get an apartment. I am so surprised at the attitudes of the people who are running the apartment buildings! Pray that she gets that good job, and pray that there is nothing major wrong with the car. Beginning again in a new country isn’t easy, and finding my cousins and old friends isn’t easy either. In the meantime, we had a nice Sunday and attended worship twice.

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  1. Love your post! Hope the interview and job work out great!!! I, too, have recently discovered the crazy attitudes and often downright rudeness of apartment managers while I was helping my niece find an apartment. I think it might be better to rent a house from an individual, especially if you have cash. Years ago, I had to rent while waiting for my current house; and I was able to pay cash for the time period so I asked for a reduced rent and no deposits, etc. They gave it to me because they got all the rent up-front! Of course, I took good care of the house and they thanked me for being such a good tenant and begged me to stay. You can work with landlords if they own the house–but not these big leasing conglomerates!

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