To Christ Be True (La Cristo Fiti Loyal)

Buna Seara. Ce mai faceti? (How are you guys?) Acum este timp pentru inca unul cantec spiritual en limba romana. (Now it is time for another spiritual song in Romanian.) Sunt in America acum. (I am in America now.) Nu sunt in Romania, nici in Corea de Sud. (I am not in Romania, neither in S. Korea.) Am calatorit mult in viata mea, si dup am devenit un adult era pentru Cristo. (I ha ve traveled a lot in my life, and after I became an adult, it was for Christ.) Am devenit crestina cand am fost la liceul, si intotdeauna am incerecat sa fie loyal la Cristo. (I b ecame a Christain when I was in high school, and always I have tried to be loyal to Christ.) Este foarte importante. (It is very important.) Am un un unchi pe care am vazut in ziua de azi. (I have an uncle I saw today.) El are 90 anii. (He is ninety years old.) ‘El a incercat tot viata lui sa fie loyal la Cristo. (He tried his whole life to be loval to Jesus.) Cele late in familia mea nu era intotdeauna loyal, si ei au facut problemele cu sanitatele lor ca nu au incercat sa faca ce Dumnezeu a vrut. (there are others in my family that were not always loyal to Jesus, and they made problems with their health.) Ei nu au locuit atat de lung cum unchi pe care am vazut azi a locuit. (They didn’t live as long as my uncle that I saw today has lived.) Fiica mea a zis ca ea crede ca el a traeit atat de lung pentruca el a locuit cum un crestin, si cred ca este adevarat. (My daughter say that she thinks he has lived so long because he lived as a Christain, and I think that she is right.) Daca facem ce Dumnezeu spune, asta schimba vietele nostri mult. (If we do what God says, this changes our lives a lot.)

To Christ Be True

La Cristo Fiti Loyal

To Christ be loyal and be true

La Cristo fiti loyal si adevarat

His banner be unfurled

teagul lui fi desfasura

And borne aloft til is secured

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Si tinut sus pana cucerire

The conquest of the world

Al lumea e sigurat

To Christ the Lord be true

La Domnul Cristo fiti loyal

For he will go with you

Ca el va merge cu tine

And help you all your conflicts through

Si te ajuta cu tot conflictule tale

To Christ the Lord be true.

La Domnul Cristo fiti loyal.

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