Triumph and Craziness!

Today has been astounding! My daughter wanted so much to go to take her written test again for her driver’s license this morning, but she was so worried that she would mess it up again. She is so unfamiliar with her surroundings that even the street signs don’t seem normal because she is used to Korean street signs. She only lived in America for a short time as a child because she was born in Hungary and spent her early years in Romania, and after that spent a couple of years in Ohio, then Japan, then Texas, and finally, when she was in 6th grade, we went to Korea, and she has been in Korea ever since. She is 24 years old and just entering the U. S. as an adult for the first time. It is really hard on her. She was up in the middle of the night worrying over the written portion of her driver’s test. She wondered if she was wasting her time trying to go again this morning and if she shouldn’t study more. However, at 5:00 this morning, she came into my room, woke me up, and declared she was ready and wanted to take the test again and wanted me to get up and take her.

I got up, ate breakfast, got ready, and away we went! We got lost on the way because we really don’t know where we are, but figured it out, and finally got there. I stayed in the car and drank a Coca Cola Zero and listened to a Spanish language gospel station while she was inside taking her test. After a while, she came out thrilled! She had passed the test! This was the triumph part of the day! The only thing she had left to do was to go to the Title Office, and they would actually give her the card saying she had permission to drive with a licensed driver in the front seat with her. We started out, but even though the sun had come up and it was broad daylight by this time of the morning, the sky became darker and darker. Finally, it was so dark outside that it was like night and the rain was just pouring down in buckets so hard that it was hard to see the road. This is when the crazy part of the day was beginning, or should I say, got crazier because I thought it was crazy to get up at 5:00 to go take a test to start with.

The sky was so black it was light night time in the daytime, and the rain was so hard we couldn’t hardly see where we were. I thought about just pulling off to the side of the road, but we decided to just try going back to the house.

We decided that instead of trying to feel our way around using a map in all that rain because we really don’t know the area well, to go back to where we were staying, the Hartman’s house. Just before we turned into the driveway, I noticed that the power steering on the car wasn’t right, but I could still turn the wheel, and we went downhil into the driveway. As we were going downhill, I saw the battery light was on on the car, and I thought, “Did the car die? Is that why the power steering is acting funny?” When we got to the bottom of the hill, I realized we had been coasting down the hill, and the car had just turned on again. I parked my car across the way from the house, but it was raining so hard we didn’t want to get out of the car. I move the car closer to the house even if it was blocking the Hartman’s car, and then we could get out and just get a few buckets of rain poured on our head before we went into the house. Shiela greeted us at the door saying there was no electricty. The storm had blown out all the electricity.

I went into the room were I have been sleeping where someone had placed a flashlight on my nightstand and got it because the livingroom windows were big enough that you could see in there, but the rest of the house was too dark to see without a light of some sort. I went back into the living room where Sheila was and asked her if she had called anyone. She said she couldn’t because her phone wasn’t working either. I meant for her to call the neighbors and see if it was only at their house that there was no electricty or to call the power company or something. I let her use my phone, and she called someone about baking cookies. I felt like laughing inside. She is so sweet! She had been baking for her granddaughter’s birthday party tomorrow, and she was more worried about not being able to get the things done for the birthday party than taking care of her electricty. When she got off the phone, I asked her if she thought about calling the electric company and reporting that there was no electricty. She called a neighbor to see if they had electricity, and they didn’t, so she finally called the electric company and reported that we didn’t have any electricity.

I decided to use the time and blog, but there was no internet because the electricty was out. My daughter got out her cards and suggested that since we couldn’t do anything else, we should play cards. The three of us played Rummy. Dale got out of bed and went to the kitchen to eat. He heard us talking about what happened with the car and wanted to take the car and get it checked out. My daughter stayed and played more games, and I went with Dale to get the car checked out.

He took me to a place that I will probably used again and again and introduced me to the owners. He said they changed the oil for several widow ladies, and he thought it was a good place for us to use to keep our car maintained. They are the only full service gas station left around anywhere here. All the gas stations are self service except this one. They checked my car out. They checked the battery, the alternator, the oil, the water, and I don’t know what else. They added a little oil, a little water, and I am not sure what all, and they said there was nothing wrong with the alternator, but that the battery was slightly weak, but not so weak it should cause trouble. They didn’t charge me anything. We went and put gas in the car, then Dale wanted to go back to the man we bought the car from because he is a mechanic too. That man checked the battery out too. He he thought the cables were a little loose and tightened them.

baking for the birthday party in the church kitchen because there is electricity there
My daughter and I helped get ready for their party by stacking baskquets.

Next, we headed for the church building because I had had a message from my daughter saying she and Sheila were going to the church building to use the electricity. We went in and were helping make preparations for the birthday party. My daughter then tried to set me up to blog, but we couldn’t get any internet. I was really tired and hungry. It was 12:00, but Sheila thought it wasn’t time for lunch yet. I had been awake since 5:00 that morning when my daughter woke me up, but the others had just gotten out of bed just before we returned from my daughter taking the test. My daughter needed to go to the bank, so we left so I could take her to the bank. On the way, I insisted we stop and get a little something to eat, so we stopped at a cheap place and found some food.

Have you every been so tired that just trying to walk felt so hard that it was like you were walking through deep mud? That is how tired I had gotten from jet lag.

I got my daughter to the bank, and then we came home because I was so tired from going through jet lag and getting up at 5:00 that I felt I was walking through a bog. If you have never heard of jet lag, after you travel a long distance by plane like we did a few days ago, your body clock is off. It doesn’t match the place where you are living, and it really pulls you down physically during the day, but it makes you wake up at 5:00 in the morning ready to run. It is that way for a few weeks until your internal body clock adjusts. My body clock is off, and I was so tired I could hardly move, so I drove back to the house.

I crashed!

When we got back to the house, the electricty was on. Shiela and Dale weren’t home yet, and I thought I should call them and let them know they had electricty, but the ony phone number I have for them rang inside the house, so I couldn’t tell them. I was so tried I just crashed! I crawled onto the bed, pulled a blanket over me and went out like a light! I woke up a few minutes ago and decided I could finally begin blogging because I could move and have electricty again.

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