Wednesday Evening in Mid West City, Oklahoma

Across America, many churches meet on Wednesday evenings for Bible studies. As I have traveled around the world, I have learned that every country doesn’t have this tradition. I am not sure how it began in America, but whether you go to the church of Christ, the Baptist Church, the Pentecostal Church, or many other kinds of churches, many different kinds of churches have a traditional Wednesday evening Bible study. There is no where in the Bible that says that churches need to meet on Wednesday evenings for a Bible study. It is just something that is part of American Christian tradition. In the Bible, in the book of Acts where the hsitory of the first church is written, it says in chapter two that the first church met everyday in the temple courts and from house to house, but now a days, many churches don’t meet everyday. There is also a place in the church of Acts that talks about the church meeting on the first day of the week which would be Sunday, and many churches use this as an example of when the church met. There is actually a pretty funny story in Acts about Paul talking for hours and hours and some guy getting tired and accidentally falling to sleep and falling out a window, so if you every go to sleep when someone is preaching, just know it has been going on since the beginning of time, but please don’t sit in a window. From this example of the church meeting on the first day of the week and from early church history and traditon, churches meet on Sundays. However, many thought that the people needed to meet more than one time a week to be encouraged by the others, so they began meeting half way through the week, on Wednesdays, for Bible studies. This is how it happened this evening,

The church met together for dinner before the Bible study.
This is America, so they had hot dogs and hamburgers.
The kids were there playing too.

First, the church met in a big room for dinner together, This is America, after all, so the church ate hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips or tortilla chips, and soda pop. the children played together. the adults sat together and visited. All churches don’t eat together on Wednesdays before Bible study, but many do.

Some people in the adult bible class
The people gathered in the auditorium for a Bible study.
Luke Hartman from Oklhoma Christian Universitry taught the Bible class. His mother doens’t like his beard. His sister commented about ti too. I told her that many men in the church of christ were doing it now a days because of the Duck Dog Dynasty, a very popular Christian TV show.

Next, the children all went to their children’s Bible classes separated by age. The adults went to another big room we call the auditorium for a Bible class. The adult Bible class was taught by Luke Hartman, a professor from Oklahoma Christian University. He taught us from John 14 where Jesus talks about there being a place prepared for us in Heaven. He talked about the symbolism involved in the idea of a mansion waiting for us actually meaning that we were going to a glorious place to be in the prescence of God.

Everyone was coming into the auditorium after their Bible classes to get ready to sing a little.
After the Bible classes, everyone came into the same room togehter.
You can hardly see this little boy he is so small, and behind the podium. He was leading a song.
This little boy who is leading a song is a bit taller and easier to see.

After Bible class, all the children and the people who were in other Bible classes joined the others. Everyone was hving a good time and greeting their friends. When we all sat down, the let the little boys get up one by one who waanted to and lead a song. They used to do this occassionally when I was in high school to try to develop the leadership in the young men. After that, Luke Hartman closed the services by offering an invitation for anyone who wanted to be a Christian to become a Christian, and the service was over.

This is the sign that is close to the front doo.r

After that, everyone stood around and talkd and talked and talked. Many people find friends at church. I saw grown people I knew who were brothers and sisters taking advantage of the time to be together visiting with their siblings for a few minutes before they went home. I ran into a man I had met at Shiela and Dale Haartman’s house who was looking for a Spanish teacher, and he took my hone number and said he wanted his boss to call me to terach Spanish. I hope he does. Shiela’s daughter decided to come and have a conversation with me in Spanish. She is a Spanish speaking immigration lawyer. Everyone got their visiting over with, and it was finally time to go home. We stopped by the store to get some milk and cereal on the way home, and now, I am at home telling you about my evening.

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