Still Trying to Accomplish

We got up early this morning. My daughter doesn’t have a driver’s license because we have been living where she didn’t need one. She wanted to take her Oklahoma written driving test today. She had two options. She made an appointment to take it, but she couldn’t get in for another month. The other option was to get up really early and wait for hours in line until a spot came open to take it, so she made the appointment for a month away and got up early this morning to wait in line. As we have been doing, I drove her there.

My daughter is really good with the directions. We had a GPS on our car in Korea, so it was easy to go anywhere we wanted. However, we haven’t even seen a GPS here. My daughter has been looking the places we want to go up on her phone and then giving me directions as I drive. We are doing this thing together.

This sign was on the outside of the building.

On the way to the Driver’s License Bureau, I told her I was extremely thirsty, so we stopped at a Convenience Store to get a drink. We were so happy with the size of the drink as compared to Korea. In Korea, the best we can do for a fountain drink is about $1.50 at McDonald’s for what Americans think of as a small size, but Koreans think of as a large sized drink. We only paid 99 cents this morning for a 32 ounze drink at the convenience store. It was considered medium, but it was so big that you can’t get drinks that big in Korea, and the small size that was available at the store was the same size as a big size in Korea.

Here is our car in the parking spce. Just look how much space there is on either side of my car!!
This sign was on the front door. It has a cowboy and an Indian in the middle of the star shaking hands.

We found the Driver’s License Bureau with no problem. When we parked the car, we amazed at how big our parking space was!! We really are in a land with more space. If the Koreans could see how big the parking space was they would be shocked!

We sat in a room waiting. The numbers were coming up on the TV screen of who was totake the test next.

We went inside, and my daughter registered to take the test. We had to sit and wait until her number came up. We sat in a room full of people, and evidently, there were several rooms of people waiting to take the test. We waited for more than an hour, and several people had gone to take their test and been replaced in the room. A man who worked there came out and said to us that it might take three or four more hours before my daughter could take the test, so if we wanted to, he suggested we go and wait somehwere else.

We ate apple pie with our drinks.

We decided to go ahead and go to the closest restaurant and get a drink because they wouldn’t let any food or drink in the building where we were. We drove down the road and made a circle around and finally found a Burger King. We went in and got ourselves a small sized drink because we could get all the free refills we wanted. The small size was still the size of a large sized drink in Korea. About the time we sat down, my daughter got a text message from the driver’s license Bureau. They said she was tenth in line. We decided we should sit a minute and then go back.

When we got back to the car, she got another text message saying there were only five people in front of her. This was not 3 or 4 hours!! He probably said that because he didn’t know and was trying to cover himself. We drove on to the License Bureau. Just as we pulled into the parking lot, my daughter got a text message saying it was time to take the test. I dropped her off and let her go on into the building and went to park the car.

I sat in the car drinking my drink and listening to music while she took her test. I had just decided to go inside and see what was happening when she came out. She said she hadn’t passed. She said they had all kinds of questions she didn’t expect. She hadn’t studied anyting to do with liquor because she didn’t drink. She didn’t even think they would ask questions like that because they were irrelevant to her, but she missed them all. I told her it was okay because now she has an idea of what kinds of things are on the test, and she can study those things and take it again. She had a form that she could use to get in to take the test quicker next time, and she is at home studying now wanting to go back tomorrow morning to try again.

We are resting now and will eat our lunch in a few minutes, and then I will see what else I can do for my daughter. We are going to get her feet on the ground in America!!

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