God’s Family (Famlie Dumnezeului)

Buna Ziua. Sper ca sunteti avand o zi buna. (I hope you are having a good day.) Noi suntem avand o zi buna. (We are having a good day.) Avem nult de facut sa pregatim sa locuim in Oklahoma, si suntem le facand acest lucru. (We have a lot to do to prepare to live in Oklahoma, and we are doing those things.) Avem mult sprijin din prieteni crestini aici in Oklahoma. (We have a lot of support from Christian friends in Oklahoma.) Ei sunt foarte bun la noi. (They are very good to us.) Suntem famili lui Dumnezeu.(We are the family of God.)

God’s Family

Familie Dumnezeului

We’re part of the family

Facem parte de familie

thats been born again,

pe care au fost nascut din noua,

part of the family

parte de familie

whose love knows no end;

pe care iubirea lui nu stie sfarsitul;

for Jesus has saved us,

Pentru ca Iesu ne mantuit,

and made us his own,

si ne a facut alui,

Now we’re part of the family

Acum facem parte din familie

that’s on its way home.

pe care este in drumul spre casa,

And sometimes we laugh together,

si cateodata ne radam impreauna,

sometimes we cry,

cateodata plangem,

sometimes we share together;

cateodate impartim impreauna;

heartaches and sighs;

durere inima lui si oftatile,

Sometimes we dream together

Cateodata noi visam impreauna

of how it will be

despre cum va fi

when we all get to Heaven,

cand noi toti ajungem in Cerul,

God’s family.

familie Dumnezeului


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