A Korean Mart and More in Oklahoma City

Today, Dale decided to take us to the Korean Mart. He wanted us to know where it was as well as several Korean restaurants. He thought my daughter should get some take out menus from the Korean restaurants, so she did. We picked up some nice things from the Korean Mart that we thought Shiela and Dale might like.

We found Chamwee.

Shiela is always eating fruit, so when we saw the chamwee, we knew it was something she would like, and we bought it. You may have seen chamwee on my blog before. It is a small yellow Korean melon.

Koreans call these dock, and what is inside of them, they say, “pat.” The Japanese also eat these. the Japanese call them mochi. They are extremely delicious, but I have learned that not all westerners like them. My daughter and I happen to love them, but when we gave some to my brother, he didnt want them. We gave some to Shiela and Dale. I hope they like them. I have been on a diet and eaten a couple of these for desert and still lost weight. They are slightly sweet rice cakes with sweet red beans inside.
These are rice crackers with slightly sweet icing sprinkled on them. I always liked these because I could crunch on the sweetness all day, and they were very low in calories. There is nothing a bit strange about them, so we are sure Shiela and Dale will like these.

While Winter and I were trying to plan something nice to give Sheila and Dale, Sheila was planning something nice for us. She knows I am going to a family reunion on Satruday, so she baked a pecan pie for us to take to the family reunion. She didn’t go with us because she had students coming to teach, and after she taught, she baked for us.

Sheila made us a pecan pie to take to the family reunion.

It had been a lot of years since I had seen Sheila and Dale. Dale used to be the youth minister at Nicoma Park when I was a high school student. I attended the Choctaw church of Christ, and I used to go to his Bible classes in Nicoma Park. That is how I got to know Sheila and Dale. Sheila contacted us while we were still in Korea wanting to spend time with us and help us get settled when we got to Oklahoma, and they are treating us very well. They used to be missionaries in Australia, and they understand how hard it is to come back ot the States. Dales also took us out driving by Choctaw high school and Choctaw Junior High school. I went one year of Junior high school to Choctaw Junior High School and two years of high school at Choctaw High School. I graduated from Choctaw High School. He also drove us by the Choctaw church of Christ. It is a new building. It is not the building where I was baptized because when I was in college, they moved out into, the country and built a big biuldging, but I have visited it before. Now, I know how to find Choctaw from where I am now as well as the Choctaw church of Christ so I can visit them sometime. We also know how to find all the Korean food in town.

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