From Seoul to Oklahoma City!

We moved furniture and cleaned all day Saturday. They had taken our stove and refrigerator and my car had sold, so we walked down close to Bangwha station to Mr. Pizza for lunch, and then we walked down there again and met Yun Hanul at Tomato Gimbab for dinner.

This place makes great tonkatsu, so I ate my last tonkatsu meal for a while. Tonkatsu is pork cutlet with a sauce and rice and a salad on the side.
We waited at the desert cafe. You can see how tired my Korean son in law was.
I had a glass of yuja cha.
My daughter and Hanul shared some cheese bin su.
Our last evening with Hanul.

My Romanian friend arrived back in Seoul from a trip to Romania while we were eating. She thought she could join us for desert, so we went to a desert cafe after dinner t o wait for her. I had a kind of Korean citrus tea called Yujacha that is full of pieces of orange and Hanul and my daughter had cheese bin su. Bin su is a crushed ice Korean desert, and they added chunks of cheese and ice cream on the top. We sat visiting with and playing cards as we waiting for my Romanian friend to join us, and we were extremely tired because we had worked all day and the weather was hot. Finally, my Romanian friend decided she couldn’t get there, and we were tired, so we all went home.

My ‘Romanian friend and her Korean husband gave me a ride to the airport.

My Romanian friend and her Korean husband picked me up on Sunday to take me to the airport. They also took the luggage in the car. My daughter and son in law went by subway because there wasn’t enough room in the car.

My daughter’s mother in law and brother in law showed up to see us off.
A guy from my Korean Bible class showed up to see us off.
My daughter;s mother in law, my son in law, my daughter and my daughter’s father in law. My daughter’s father in law said a prayer for us before we got on the plane. He has begun teaching my Bible class for me.

Once we got to the airport and were standing in line to check in to get on the airplane, we were surprised. My daughters mother in law, father in law, and brother in law showed up at the airport to see us off. Someone from my Bible class showed up too. There was a whole group to see us off! Um Sam Sup told me not to sorry because he and Shinbae Park had already begun continuing my Bible class.

We finally made it to the plane saying “bye” to all our friends. We didn’t have seats together. I just happened to be sitting between two big Korean guys. There was an American guy in the seat in front of my who kept turning around talking to me, and one of the Korean guys who was a student wanted to talk too. He struggled because his English wasn’t very good, and he was going to study in America to learn to speak English, so we spoke in Korean all the way. The food was terrible!! They gave me chicken and rice with big pieces of onions and gochujang all over it. Gochujang is red pepper paste. I couldn’t eat the onions and chicken. I didn’t teach much. The next time, they brought me a chicken sandwich that was chalked full of chili peppers. I think someone needs to teach them how to cook. Finally, the third time, they brought me an omelette with spinach in the middle and soggy unsalted french fries below the eggs. At least it wasn’t so spicy I couldn’t eat it. I finally ate the meal. There was also fruit for desert.

We arrived in Dallas kind of late in the day and headed for a hotel and slept. We were so tired we had no choice. The next morning, we got up and got on the plane. We were happy to find a McDonald’s in the airport so we could eat breakfast. We had to wait on the plane because of weather problems, but finally it came and we boarded, and in just a few minutes, we arrive in Oklahoma City.

Linda Woodrow met us with this beautiful sign.

We were met by Linda Woodrow, Sheila Hartman, and Phil Hartman. We were all happy to see one another after so long! The airlines had lost our baggage. They had routed us through Dallas so we could go through customs there, and we had gotten off, gone through customs, and checked our baggage in again, but it wasn’t in Oklahoma City. We told the people at the airport and they began looking for it. We had to leave the airport without our luggage.

Sheila and Phil Hartman met us at the apirport, and they are helping us get situated.

We are at Sheila and Phil’s house. Many years ago, I attended a Bible class Phil taught when I was in high school, and they both attended the same Christian university I attended in Oklahoma City. All day long, they have been helping us open a bank account, get a car, get our cell phones turned on, and finally, I got internet on my computer, so I could let you guys know I had arrived. Christians take care of Christians.

They are laughing now saying, “Welcome to Oklahoma” because we are watching the TV because a tornado is coming through Oklahoma City.

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