Without Him (Fara El)

Buna Seara. Sper ca esti bine. (I hope you are fine.)Acum este timp sa te dau un cantec spiritual. (Now it is time to give you a spiritual song.) Maine, nu va fie internet la casa mea din cauza ca merg in Oklahoma in America Duminica. (Tomorrow, there will be no internet at my house because I will go to Oklahoma in America Sunday.) Dar nu trebuite sa aveti grija ca nu oprec sa te trmesc cantecele. (But, you don’t have to worry because I won’t stop sending you songs. )Doar trebuie sa am o pauza sa calatoresc. (I just need a break to travel.) Septamana viitor pot sa trimesc mai mult cantecele. (Next week, I can send more songs.) Primul parte de septamana viitor, voi fiu in America. (I will be in America the first part of next week.) Si deja am studentii acolo. (And, I already have students there. ) Ei mi a chemat din America si vor sa invata. (They called me from America today and want to learn.) Acum, am un canec foarte frumos pentru voi. (Now, I have a very pretty song for you guys.)

Without Him

Fara El

Without him I would be nothing,

Fara el eu ari fi nimic,

Without him I’d surely fail,

Fara el sunt sigur ca dau faliment,

Without him I would be drifting

Fara el eu ari fi alunecand

Like a ship without a sail.

Cum o corabia fara panza.

Jesus, oh Jesus, Do you know him today?

Iesu, Oh iesu, Il conoasteti azi?

Please don’t turn him away.

Te rog sa nu spun la el sa pleaca.

Oh, Jesus, Oh Jesus! Without him,

Oh, Iesu, Oh Iesu! fara el,

How lost I would be!

Cum de pierdut eu ari fe!

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