A Magnificent Plan For Us

Before the foundations of the world, before we were all created, God made a plan for us. God didn’t want to create robots. He wanted to create being that would choose to love him just as he chose to love the beings he would create. He knew that unless they chose to love him, the love would mean nothing. His plan was Christ.

First, he created man with a knowledge of him, but with free will. They chose to disobey and not to love his ways, so he put them out of the Garden of Eden saying Christ would eventually come to conquer sin (Genesis 3). Later, Noah chose to obey, but the earth was so full of wickedness that God was sorry he had made man, so the flood came. Each man wanted his own way; they each demanded their “rights.” The flood almost completely destroyed mankind, but the ones who loved God were saved. Noah and his family were a ray of hope for God, so they lived.

After that, Abraham came. He wasn’t perfect, but he believed in God and became faithful never giving up. God promised that through him, Christ would come to help everyone understand God better.

Moses came after that and gave us the ten commandments. The ten commandments were a step in God’s plan to bring us back to him. The idea was to teach man the difference between right and wrong, but people still misunderstood. They did their duty without loving God. God is like a loving parent and wants our love.

There were many prophets after that urging people to follow God and pointing to him and a time in the future that Christ would come. God spoke through them and told them what we should look for. The Old Testament books are full of specifics like these: “He will be born in Bethlehem; “He will be born of a virgin;” “Many babies will die in that time; “He will come out of Egypt;” “He will be a Nazarene;” “He will speak in parables;” etc. etc. There are more than one hundred specific prophecies written about Christ in the Old Testament that were written hundreds of years before his birth. God was pointing to a time in the future. Thee are also many specific prophecies about John the Baptist and the church. They all came true.

Christ came to show us the way back to God. He came to show us that the road to God is not outside us, but inside us. It is not just “Don’t commit adultery,” but don’t even look at someone you aren’t married to to want them sexually. It is not just “Don’t steal,” but don’t even want things that aren’t yours. It is not just, “Don’t murder,” but don’t be angry. The laws of Christ go deep inside of us. God wants our hearts, our souls, our minds. He doesn’t just want outward acts of piety. He wants hearts trying to do the right thing. He wants us to love him and to love one another.

Jesus rose from the dead because he listened to God, and the Bible says he is the first born of many brothers. God likes what Jesus did so much he is sitting next to him on a throne in Heaven.

He wants us all to be pure. He wants us all to be humble and stop putting our own desires first. He wants us all to stop demanding our “rights” just as Christ gave up all his rights in Heaven and humbly came to the earth letting people nail him to the cross so we could understand and follow his example. When we can follow his example, we have found God. Because he gave up his rights, God appreciated it so much he raised him from the dead.

God wants us to love him the way Christ loves him.

The problem is we have all sinned. We have all demanded our own way. We all need a way to get rid of those sins if we want to live with God because God is complete holiness and can have nothing to do with sin. We all need to go back and study the life and teachings of Christ and take it seriously because Christ is God’s plan and showed us how to live with God forever. When that happens, God’s plan will be completed through us, and it will no longer be just God loving us, but us loving God too. We need to emulate the death, burial, and resurrection in our own lives. He wants us to do these things through our own free will, not because someone forced us to do them. If we don’t do it from our own free will, it doesn’t accomplish God’s plan and means nothing. Love God. Learn how to live as Christ did, and love one another.

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