Rules For a Happy Life, Part 7

It is time again. I am still telling you all the things I thought of that might help someone get along better in this world. My mind seems to work overtime at times, and my son in law insisted you guys would like these, and it seems you do. I am glad. I hope they help people to get along and get things to work to make them happy. This is the seventh blog like this, so there are more. What is in this blog is not all, so look at the others too.

Everyone is on the path. They are on different places on the path. Give them a break. They will catch up.

61. Everyone is on a different point in the journey of their lives. I was in on a discussion between an older preacher and a younger preacher. This was advice from the older preacher to the younger preacher, and it is good advice for all of us. The older preacher was trying to get the younger preacher not to be so hard on people. He was telling him to give them time to grow. We may feel like condemning one another, but just because someone hasn’t made it as far and doesn’t understand as much as you do yet doesn’t make them bad. It simply means that perhaps they are taking longer to find the right path. We are here to help one another, not to talk about one another and condemn one another. We are here to encourage one another on to the right path, not to decide to have nothing to do with anyone because they messed up once. People learn. If they are trying, they will find the right path.

This little boy is having too much fun to cause trouble, and he is learning things that will help him later in life.

62. “ Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” This is a quote from my great grandmother. She taught my mother this, and my mother was always quoting her. Mothers all know that if the kids are quiet, they better go check on them. If people have nothing to do, crazy things could come into their heads. The richer a nation is, the more free time they have, and the more chances the people have to get themselves into trouble. When I was growing up, my mother insisted that we all have a hobby. She didn’t want anyone sitting around and doing nothing. I am glad she tried to keep us busy. I am glad she insisted we have hobbies. I learned to crochet. I learned to knit. I learned to sew. My brother learned to do leather work. My other brother became an artist that doesn’t quit! My older sister can also knit sweaters and make dresses as well as paint. My mother kept our hands busy rather than letting get ourselves in trouble, and I think it was a great idea. I also encouraged my kids to have hobbies because I thought my mother was right, and I have four very capable kids.

This is what happens if you don’t brush your teeth. Be clean!

63. “ Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” This is another quote from my great grandmother. Godliness is the ultimate. We all want to be good, kind, happy, honest people that everyone appreciates. The next attribute we should aspire to is being clean. Take regular showers. If you smell, people don’t want to be around you. Keep your face and hair clean, then you don’t struggle with pimples, and people don’t mind sitting and looking you in the face when they talk to you. Brush your teeth. Green teeth are gross. Cavities hurt. Keep your sheets on your bed changed regularly. Dirty sheets really stink. It is okay if your clothes aren’t the fanciest, but make sure they clean. People are much more accepting of you if you are clean. Keep those dishes done. Sweep your floors. Clean that stinky bathroom, and then it won’t be stinky, and you will enjoy it more. The most important is what is inside of a person, the kindness, goodness, self control, patience, honest, purity, etc., However, taking care of yourself physically, staying clean, goes a long way too.

I am so glad my daughter had the presence of mind to get away from those stupid girls! My daughter is now a lawyer in the NCIS, happily married, and the mother of two. She didn’t get caught in nonsense.

64. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right. Moms are famous for saying, “If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you do it too?” There is logic here. Just because other people do it is not a reason to do it. My oldest daughter ran into some craziness in high school. She went into the girl’s bathroom. There were girls in there telling her that they were vampires. She had just come from Transylvania, the home of Dracula. She was fresh in America. She needed friends, but these girls were drinking blood and wanted her to do so. She said, “no.” It didn’t matter if she needed friends. She wanted as far away from those girls as possible. If you are young, the other young ones will ask you to do crazy things, but use your head and don’t follow them. Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it right. When I was younger, abortion was considered wrong, but someone took it to court and the law let them get an abortion. After that, everyone thought it was okay. Well, if we use our heads, abortion is killing a very, very small, defenseless baby. I got pregnant at one point when I didn’t want to be pregnant. I was married, but being pregnant got in my way and made me sick. Someone told me I could do something about it, but I would never do it even if it is legal and others do it. I knew women in Romania who had done it, and they condemned themselves as murderers for the rest of their lives as did the priests and members of their family. They really needed to forgive themselves and let God forgive them to go on with their lives and stop drinking to forget and do better. Abortion is never the way. That baby who was making me so sick is grown now, and she is the daughter who wants me to live with her, and she is extremely sweet. I am glad I didn’t even consider what they said to me. Everyone else in America is finally figuring it out now. They are closing the abortion clinics. Just because it was legalized didn’t mean people should begin doing it. I feel the same way about marijuana. It was made illegal for a reason, but they legalized it because so many people were doing it, but just because so many people are doing it, does it make it right? I understand that medicine is medicine, but medicine is for illness, not for having a party. Whenever you put a foreign substance in your body, you never know what kind of side effects you are going to have. Even if it didn’t hurt the others, it still might hurt you. Be careful. Just because others do it doesn’t mean that you need to do it. I feel this way about any medicine. I take medicine, but I am cautious. The same goes with life styles. Just because everyone is getting a divorce, does that make it the way to go? Think out the fallout before you decide to do it. If everyone becomes a witch or a gay, does that mean you should do it? Trends need to be examined and thought out logically, not just followed because everyone is doing it. Going along with the crowd doesn’t bring real happiness.

It doesn’t matter if he is wearing sheep’s skin. He is still a wolf. He still has fangs. Be careful.

65. Don’t listen to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There are people around who are smooth talkers, but they are actually terrible people. I have even met preachers who know what to say, but if you get in a room one on one with them, they are someone completely different from what they are preaching. Be careful of people like that. If you see the fangs, you know they are not sheep. If they spend their time screaming and yelling, if they spend their time talking sleeping around, if they spend their time cheating, if you keep catching them in a lie, be very careful. Don’t get too close to the wolf. It could eat you! It doesn’t matter if they have a sheep’s costume on.

Think things out before you do them because no matter what you do, there will be consequences. Which consequences do you want?

66. “Make your choices and pay your prices.” This is a quote from a professor of a friend of mine, and I took it to heart. What ever choice you make in life, there are consequences. Before you make a decision, if you go one way, there are different consequences, if you go the other way, there are other consequences. It doesn’t matter, there are consequences for every action. You have to figure out which consequences you can live with. If it is in school work, if you party all night and don’t study for a test. it will effect your test. Is it more important study and to get a good grade on that test or do you really need that party? As for me, when I was in school I tried to stay up on my studying so I didn’t have to try to learn it all at the last minute, and I went to sleep early the night before the test. It never did me any good to stay up all night studying. A party would be fun, but I knew I needed the sleep more than anything. If I stayed up studying al night, I would never remember the answers the next day. I was too tired to remember. I needed my sleep. It meant that I couldn’t party. That was my price for a good grade. If the good grade doesn’t matter, but you really need a party, then party. Weigh the consequences of every action because everything you do has consequences. If you don’t care that you might get fat, go ahead and eat lots of french fries, cakes, etc., and enjoy them. The consequences is a big waist or big legs, and you know it. If you are willing to pay those consequences, eat all you want. If you don’t want those consequences, then you get the consequences of not partying with food, but a smaller tummy or smaller legs. It doesn’t matter what happens or which way you go, there are always consequences. Make your choices, and pay your prices.

We are so blessed to live in the information age!

67. If you don’t know it, Google it. Now a days, we have a wonderful tool! There was a time that information was not at our fingertips, but it is now. There is so much online! I get questions to my inbox all the time that I know that person could have just Googled it and gotten a good answer instantly. Living in Seoul, we would get lost without Google because this city is so big and so complicated. Do you wonder if God really exists? Just put “Does God exist?” into Google. There is a wonderful website written by a biologist. Do you want to know how to make a windmill? I have never Googled that, but probably someone has explained it on the internet. Do you want to read something from the Bible, but you don’t have a Bible, you can find Bibles online. Do you want to know about plants that grow in the woods or how to plant a garden? You would be amazed at the amount of information you can find online. Just Google it. If I am working in a foreign language and I am not sure about the grammar, I can Google it and know for sure.

Be careful who you tell.

68. Be careful who you tell your problems to. Everyone in the world doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Sometimes, we all need someone to talk to and get help with our problems. However, know the person you tell well and make sure they aren’t someone who will tell everyone. There are times I have confided in people, and I really shouldn’t have because they really didn’t care about me and used the information against me. Just because you work with someone every day doesn’t mean they are trust worthy. For some of us, we can’t even tell our sisters which is sad. Everyone has ulterior motives. They may give you bad advice on purpose. They may misunderstand and spread bad stories about you. Be careful who you let in your inner circle of trust.

You never now how another person’s shoes feel. Could you put up with the things they put up with? Perhaps you wouldn’t even do as good a job as they do. Be careful before passing judgement.

69. “Don’t judge a person before you walk a mile in his moccasins.” This is something the American Indians say. Sometimes, you think someone is bad, but you really don’t know why they are doing what they are doing. Perhaps you would do those things too if you had been put through the things they have been put through. If a student it late to class, a teacher needs to be sure that it is right to condemn the student before they do. Perhaps there was a car wreck on the way to school. I was directing a play once, and there was a girl who was really good about always being at every practice and she was really good at her part. There was a teacher who insisted that girl must be in the play. The girl enjoyed being in the play, but she was also forced by that teacher. When she got in my class, it was early in the morning, and she had a tendency to be late in the mornings. I learned that she was traveling more than two hours every morning to come to school and going home, it took the same amount of time. The class was early in the morning, and the play practices were late in the evening. She was just wearing herself out and could hardly move in the mornings. Once the play was finished, she began doing better. I am glad I didn’t flunk her for always being late. She was trying to do too much. She was doing a good job on everything, but she had trouble getting out of bed and at times was thirty minutes late for class until the play was over. I didn’t flunk her. If you can figure things out, you can understand and are less likely to condemn people.

Accomplish. It will only make you happy.

70. ” Build a house. Plant a tree. Write a book.” I had an older friend who was a retired high school principal who used to say this. She thought everyone should make a mark on this world. She thought even if people don’t know who did it, we need to accomplish something in this life. She felt we all have a responsibility to leave our mark. She thought everyone should be remembered for something good. She thought we should all be trying to change the world for the better in our own little corner. We all need to accomplish what we can. Accomplish something good so you know that your life has not been in vain when you are on your death bed. She passed away a few years ago, and I had moved away, but she and I were still writing letters back and forth. Even as an old woman, she was doing small things thinking people would be better off after she passed away and she would be remembered fondly. She always tried to help me and give me good advice. She tried to do other things for me too, but more than anything, I remember her for trying to keep me out of trouble by giving me good advice..

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