Lunch at a Museum

Well, we met the Um family again for lunch, and they love to go to interesting places for lunch. Mr. Um loves raw fish, and there was lots of it today. It was hard to find something to eat because I am not really into raw fish, but I did finally find something I could eat. Here are the kinds of things we had to choose from.

There were lots of different kinds of raw fish.
There was sushi, raw fish galore.
Gimbab isn’t raw fish. It is vegetables, scrambled eggs, and even cooked shrimp in rice with seaweed wrapped around it. Sushi uses vinegar in the rice, but gimbab doesn’t. I like gimbab much better. Sushi is actually Japanese and not Korean, but the Koreans like it too. Gimbab is Korean.
This is a spicy salad with acorn jello pieces in it. The rectangular brown things are acorn jello, a traditional Korean dish..
Here is chopchay. It is a holiday dish in Korea. It isn’t spicy. The noodles are clear. They are made with rice flour, and they are covered in oil. It has lots of little pieces of carrot, spinach, onion, peppers, lettuce,and other vegetables in it.
Here is some sort of really spicy salad.
There was lots of raw fish today. This is sashimi, a kind of Japanese raw fish. The thing that makes it good is the sauce they put on it. My oldest daughter who is married to a Japanese guy can;t get enough sashimi.

Here is something I could eat. I love rice.
This is jajamong. It comes from China, and the Koreans love it. It isn’t spicy, but I don’t crave it.
This in Indian curry. Curry is downright delicious! You have to be careful eating it in Korea because Koreans don’t know when to slow down on the spices.
Nan is what the call the bread eaten with curry. However, even though it is similar to tortillas, nan and tortillas are not the same thing, but today, they cut tortillas up and put them out next to the curry as if they were nan. It was still good.
They also had pizza on tortillas rather than actual pizza crust. It made the crust extremely thin, but it was good.
There were lots of different kinds of uncooked, cold meat. Some was cooked and some wasn’t, and this meat is actually a bunch of fat. I have been served this before and don’t have a craving for it at all either.
They also had soup. This has bean sprouts and daicon in it. It is a very normal Korean soup and tastes good.
Here is the Korean pumpkin soup. They make good pumpkin soup. They also had cream soup that looked just like this, but the color was white.
There were lots of things there that I didn’t recognize like this.
Here is some more of the cold meat that has fat all through it.
I finally found some things I thought were palatable. This is my plate. I showed you pictures of all this except the tofu and the tomatoes.When I looked at my daughter’s plate, she ate basically the same thing I did.
I got cream soup and put little pieces of toast in it. As for my drink, they had a fountain soda pop machine, but no ice. The only kinds of soda pop they had were the kinds full of sugar, so I drank Coca Cola without ice.
This is Mrs. Um’s plate. It has some pretty strange things on it, and I can’t recognize everything she picked up. The parts of fish that still have longs fins on them is salmon. She ate several plates of food, but I only ate one. I don’t know how the Koreans eat so much.
This was supposed to be my Korean son in law’s desert plate. After he had eaten two plates full of cold fatty meat, he went for desert, but still wanted raw fish and gimbab, so he added them too. The fruit that is not oranges here is leeches.
My Korean son in law and his brother ate a lot of the cold meat that was made up of fat.
I was surprised there was so little for desert. At first, all the desert I saw was cookies and crackers. This is my son in law’s brother’s plate. He had already eaten three plates of meat.
They were all concerned because I only ate one plate of food. Mr. Um kept saying, “Shall we find you a steak?” I was too full for steak, but my daughter was out looking for ice cream thinking surely they had some, so I told them she was looking for ice cream. When I did that, my son in law’s brother went and found ice cream for me.
When he brought ice cream for me, even though they had all eaten three or four plates of food each, they all wanted ice cream too, so after all that food, everyone had a dish of ice cream. This is my Korean son in law’s brother’s ice cream. He ate it with bread. He spread the ice cream on the bread like butter.
I stood up and tried to get a picture of the group for you.
Since this restaurant was at the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, they had this ship at the entrance.

This is the farewell dinner with the Um family since we are getting on a plane to leave Korea soon. They plan on coming to visit us, and if they can they would even like to come live in America too. We are having to leave lots of people behind whether we like it or not, and no one wants to leave the Um family behind. They are extremely nice people. Many people are trying to figure out a way to follow us to America.

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