Let’s Play With Korean 한국말로 놀자!

I hope you have learned to read the Korean letters. If not, they are easy to learn to read. I looked them up on the internet before I came to Korea and was reading them in one day. Reading in Korean is the easy part. I will start with a diary page of what I did yesterday, then I have some questions, and then I have the answers to the questions after that. Good luck and have fun! I know there are lots of people who like Korean dramas and K-Pop. I know some people like that in America, and it causes them to study Korean and even travel to Korea. If you have a friend like that, tell them to log on and exercise what they are trying to learn.

어제는 일찌기깼어요. (yesterday, I woke early.)

일어나고 십니않았어서일어나지 않았어요. I didn’t want to get up, so I didn’t get up.

다시 잤어요. I went back to sleep.

다시 깼어요. I woke up again.

일어났어요 I got up.

부악에 갔어요. I went to the kitchen.

조반을 먹었어요. I ate breakfast.

거실에 갔어요. I went to the living room.

조금 탤리비전을 봤어요, I watched a little television.

조굼 종소했어요. I did a little cleaning.

점심을 머겄어요. I ate lunch.

컴퓨터로 썼어요. I wrote on the computer.

모리털을 씻어요. I washed my hair.

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나의 찬구는 전화를 줬어요. My friend called.

달은 친구는나에게 매시지를 보냈어요.Another friend sent me a message.

나의 딸을 만찬을위하여 만났어요. I met my daughter for dinner.

친구에애 노무 많은 시간동안 말했어서 늦었어요. I was late because I talked to my friend too long.

햄버거를 먹었어요. I ate a hamburger.

만찬후에 쇼파을 했어요. After dinner, we went shopping.

먹을전에 항상 기도 해요. We always pray before we eat.

적녁는 성경을 읽었어요. I read my Bible in the evening.

컴푸터로 교휘의 노래를 썼어요. I wrote church songs on the computer.


Now, Let’s see if you can answer questions about what you read in Korean.

  1. 아짐에 깼는때 일찌기 일어났어요? a 예 b, 아니요
  2. 일어날 후에 어디에 갔어요. a) 부억 b 거실 c, 침실
  3. 부억에 뭐 했어요? a. 테레비존를 봤어요 b, 먹었어요 c. 머리털을 씼어요.
  4. 테레비전를 봤는후에 뭐 했어요? a. 먹었어요. b. 일어났어요 c. 종소를 했어요.
  5. 종소를 했는 후에 뭐 했어요? a. 먹었어요 b. 잤어요 c. 놀었어요.
  6. 누구함깨 만찬을 먹었어요? a. 나의 친구 b 나의 어머니 c. 나의 딸
  7. 먹을전에 뭐 항상 해요? a. 노래해요 b. 기도해요 c. 일어나요
  8. 누구는 전화를 줬어요? a. 친구 b. 딸 c. 어머니


  1. b
  2. a
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a
  6. c
  7. a


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