Beulah Land (Pamantul Frumos)

Buna Seara. Sper ca ati avut o zi buna. (I hope you had a good day.) Aici suntem foarte ocupat acum. (We are busy here right now.) Incercam sa gasesc un loc pentru tot ca mergem in America. (We are trying to find a place for everything because we are going to America.) In limba Coreana, America es spus “Miguk.” (In Korean, America is said “Miguk.” De fapt, “mi” in “miguk” este inseamna cu “frumos,” si “guk” este “pamant.” (In fact, “mi” means “beautiful,” and “guk” means country.) Asta este inseamna cu “Beulah Land” = America. (This means that “Beulah Land = America.) Dar in cantecul acest nu este asa. (But it isn’t that way in this song. ) “Beulah Land” intru adevar est Cer. (Beulah Land is actually Heaven.) Am invatat cuvantul “Beulah” ca bunica mea se cheama “Beulah.” ( I learned the word “Beulah” because my grandmother’s name was Beulah.) Nu este un nume normal in America. (It isn’t a normal name in America.) Cred ca mama lui bunica mea era Indian, si de asta a decis pe nume neobisnuit. (I think that my great grandmother was an Indian, and that is why she decided to give my grandmother an unusual name.)

Beulah Land

Pamantul Frumos

I’ve reached the land of love divine,

Am ajus pamantul de iubirea divina,

And all its riches freely mine;

Si tot bogatie sunt al meu fara plata,

Here shines undimmed one blissful day,

Aici straluciere una zi foarte fericit,

For all my night has passed away.

Pentru ca tot noaptea mea a desparut

Oh Beulah Land, sweet Beulah Land

Oh, Pamantul Frumos, Pamantul Frumos,

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As on the highest mount I stand,

Cum cele mai munte stau pe picioare

I look away across the sea,

Vad departe peste marea,

Where mansions are prepared for me,

Unde sunt casele mare pregatit pentru mine,

And view the shining glory shore,

Si vad plaja stralucire cu glorie

My Heaven, my home forevermore!

Cerul meu, casa mea, in vesnicie.

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