Let’s Play With Romanian (Hai Sa Ne Jucam Cu Limba Romana)

Hai sa scrium despre ce am facut astazi. (Let’s write about what I did today.) Primul, eu voi scriu cu traducatori, si dupa acea, te intreb intrebare. (First, I will write with a translation, and after that I will ask you questions.) Sa vadem daca poti sa faci raspunsele in limba romania. (Let’s see if yu can respond in Romanian.)

Ce am Facut Astazi (What I did today)

am dormit///Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

M-am trezit devreme azi dinmeata. (I woke up early this morning.(

Dar nu am vrut sa ma ridica din pat. (But I didn’t want to get out of bed.)

Din cauza ca nu am trebuit, nu m-am ridicat. (Because I didn’t have to get up, I didn’t.)

Am dormit un pic mai mult. (I slept a little more.)

Dupa acea, m-am trezit din noua. (After that, I woke up again.) (Nu, m-am treznit) (Not, I went crazy)🙂

In acest timp, am decis sa ma ridica din patul. (This time, I decided to get out of bed.)

Am mancat mic dejunul.

Am mers in bucatarie si am gasit mic dejun. (I went to the kitchen and found breakfast.)

Dupa acea, am mers la sala de zi. (After that, i went to the living room.)

Am vazut un pic de televizorul.

Am gasit un film pe televisorul, dar nu am avut planul sa vad mult,. (I found a movie on TV, but I didn’t plan to watch long.)

Am lucrat in casa un pic.

Nu am simpsit ca am vrut sa lucrez, dar am lucrat in casa n pic. (I didn’t feel like I wanted to work, but I worked a little in the house.)

Am scris pe conputerul.

Dupa acea, am inceput sa scriu pe computerul. (After that, I began to write on the computer.)

Computerul a facut mult problemele astazi. (The computer made a lot of problems today.)

Am mancat prinz.

Nu am fost terminat cu computerul, si a devenit timpul sa mananc prinz. (I wasn’t finished on the computer, and it became time to eat lunch.)

Dupa pranz, am lucrat cu computerul din noua. (After lunch, I worked on the computer again.)

Am spalat parul meu.

M-am gandit ca trebuit sa fac ceva despre parul meu, si am decis sa faca un dusi. (I thought I needed to do something about my hair, and I decided to take a shower.)

Nu am vrut sa scriu mai mult pe computerul. (I didn’t want to write anymore on the computer..)

Prietenul meu mi a chemat .///Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Prietenul meu me-achemat pe telefonul, si noi am vorbit un pic. (My friend called me on the the phone, and we talked a bit.)

Alt prientenul meu a trimis un mesajul, si a vrut sa vorbeste prin textele. (Another friend sent me a message and wanted to talk to me through texts.)

Am avut planul sa intalnesc fica mea pentru cina la restaurante, si am fost un pic intarziat ca am vorbit cu prieteni prea lung. (I had a plan to meet my daughter at a restaurant for dinner, and I was a little late because I talked too long to my friends.)

Am mancat un hamburger.

Am mancat un hamburger. (I ate hamburger.)

Dupa noi am mancat, noi am mers cumperature. (After we ate, we went shopping.)

m-am rugat inainte fiecare masa./////Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Inaintea fiecare masa, m-am rugat, si de seara, am citit un pic de Biblia si am scris doua cantecele spirituale pe computerul. (I prayed before each meal, and in the evening, read a little bit of Bible and wrote two spiritual songs on the computer.)


Now, Let’s see if you can answer some questions in Romanian. Choose the correct answer. The answers are at the end.

  1. Ce am facut intai? a) m-am trezit b) am ridicat repede c) am mancat
  2. Unde am gasit mic dejunul? a) dormitoare b) bucatarie c) sala de zi
  3. Ce am facut dupa mic dejunul? a) am mancat cina b) am mers la sala de zi c) am dormit din noua
  4. Dece m-am intarzit sa intalnexc cu fiica mea? a) Am facut un dusi b) am mancat un hamburger c) am vorbit prea mult cu prieteni.
  5. Cu cine am intalnit? a) fiica mea b) prietenii mei c) mama mea
  6. Ce am facut dupa am mancat cina? a) am cantat b) am mers cumperature c) am mancat din noua
  7. Cum am vorbit cu primul prietenul? a) el a venit in casa mea b) el a trimis un mesaje c) el mi a chemat
  8. Ce am facut in sala de zi de dimineata? a) am vazut un pic de televisorul b) am mancat c) am dormit

Answers, Raspunsele:

  1. a) m-am rezit
  2. B) bucatarie
  3. b) am mers la sala de zi
  4. c) am vorbit prea mult cu prieteni mei
  5. a) fiica mea
  6. b) am mers la cumperature
  7. c) mi a chemat
  8. a) am vazut un pic de televizorul

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