Let’s Play With Romanian (Hai sa Ne Jucam cu Limba Romana)

Everyone seemed to really enjoy playing in Spanish and Japanese yesterday, and you will get more of those. However, I decided today, I would give you something to play with in Romanian. I never went to school to learn to speak Romanian, and there were no Romanian as a foreign language books when I studied Romanian. I learned from a Romanian English teacher, Romanian children’s school books, television, reading the Bible, listening to translators at church, listening to people talk, and becoming the translator. My only source for grammar didn’t know how to explain Romanian grammar to me, but I figured it out anyway. Knowing Spanish first helped a lot, but I could make grammar mistakes, and the Romanians on the internet love to point it out to me. I am like a Romanian child, but an adult who has read some really complicated books in Romanian. Here we go, and I will endeavor to get everything right.n It may give you a little confidence in my to know I was the head translator at the Free Medical Clinic and translated for Bible classes a couple of times a week.

Choose the correct word. The answers are at the bottom.

  1. El este _________ Romania. (pronunciation: yel yestay ____________Romahnee-ah) a) sub b) din c) sus d) unde
  2. ____________lui este Dracula. (pronunciaton of “lui:’ loo-ee) a) numele b) tara c) limba d) Biblia
  3. El _______________limba romana. a) mananca b) vorbeste c) vrea d) vede

4. Hai sa _________________la biserica. (pronunciationo of “Hai”: hi) a) mergem b) fuge c) stai de sub d) stau intins

5. Floricele ______________in fata de biserica. (Pronunciation: floreechelay ______in fahtsah day beesereekah.)

a) este b) suntem c) sunt d) sunteti

6. _________ vorbeste cu telefon. (Pronunciation: ________vorbeshtay koo telefon.

a) el b) tu c) ea d) noi )

7. Ea vorbeste cu prietena ______. (Pronunciation: Yah vorbeshtay koo pree-ahtehnah__________.

a) ei b) lu9 c) unde d) hai

8. Un ____________ poate sa zboara. (Pronunciation: oon ________poh-ahtay zboh-ahrah.)

a) masina b) femei c) avion e) pisica

9. Avionul merge mai ______________decat o masina. (pronunciation: ahvee-onool merjay my _______________decut oh mahsheenah.)

a) sub b) unde c) repede d) incet

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10. El este foarte ______________.(Pronunciation: Yel yestay foh-artay ___________.)

a) fericita b) bucura c) fericit d) sarut

11. El se imbraca cu ______________. (Yel say eembrahkah koo _____________.)

a) albastru b) rosu c) negru d) alb

12. El sta in _____________.

a) aer liber b) casa c) padure d) apa

13. Aceasta apa este ______________. (Pronunciation: ahchastah ahpah yestay_______.)

a) alb b) albastru c) negru d) verde

14, _________ sta in padure.

a)pisica b) caine c) oursul d) soarechele

15. Mi e ___________de ursule.

a) fericit b) frica c) prietneii d) casa

16. El merge prin _________.

a) ierba b) apa c) focul d) padure

17. El _____________ sa fuga.

a) mearge b) trebuie c) viitor d) vrut

18. Asi vreau sa __________un pic de ceai. (Pronunciation: ahsh vray-oh sah________oon peek day cha-ee

a)beti b) beau c) mananca d) mearga

19. Dece vreu sa beau ceaiul? Nu sunt ______________. ({pronunciation: Dechay vray-oh sah bay-oh cha-ee=ool? Noo soont ______________.)

a) sanatos b) bolnav c) fericita d) somn

20. Oameni ________Romania beau mult feluri de ceai.

a) aproape b) sub c) din d) mancand

Answers (Raspunsele):

  1. din
  2. numele
  3. vorbeste
  4. mergem
  5. sunt
  6. ea
  7. ei (pronunciation: Yay)
  8. avion
  9. repede
  10. fericit
  11. rosu (pronunciation: rohshoo)
  12. apa
  13. albastru
  14. ursul
  15. frica
  16. focul
  17. trebuie
  18. beau
  19. bolnav
  20. din

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