The News Media Has Been Causing Trouble Over Race

I live in South Korea, but I am an American. I used to watch CNN because I could get it easily on TV until I realized that CNN was making up stories that just weren’t true. They were using sensationalism to get people to watch their news station. They even had a commercial encouraging people to make news. I could see that they were causing trouble at the time about North Korea that just wasn’t there. They were exasperating small problems and making them bigger. I stopped watching CNN. I started getting my news from Facebook, from friends who decided to talk about things that were going on where they were. It usually works. If there is something big going on in the States, there is always someone discussing it on Facebook. I could get lots of different opinions about one thing where as if I listened to the news, I only got one opinion. Sometimes they discussed a problem assuming everyone knew about it, and so I didn’t get the details and had to search to figure out what exactly happened. It works. Lately, one topic keeps popping up, the topic of race. I had no idea why, so I searched to figure out what was upsetting everyone, and it seemed the news has been pulling all their chains. The quicker we stop pointing out that this person is of that race, and that one is of that race and just realize that people are just people, the better off we are going to be.

The news media is upsetting my friend so much he is telling everyone he has lots of guns,.////Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have a really good friend who happens to be black, and the news media has him all upset. He got on Facebook and told everyone how terrible it is to have black skin in America because you never know when someone is going to treat you badly because you are black. He is a very nice Christian man, but he got on Facebook and challenged everyone to bother him. He told everyone how many guns he had and challenged them to bother him. I was shocked because I have sat in the Bible classes this man has taught. There was a big discussion on his page, and I didn’t want to read all the upset comments.

My preacher friend is so upset by what happened he is calling people stupid.//Photo by Eduardo Braga on Pexels.com

Another friend is a preacher from California who called everyone stupid who pointed out that people were of different races because he said we are all one race, the human race. There was a big discussion on his page too. People were telling him that races existed and he needed to get used to it, but I stopped reading those comments too. The news media had everyone going.

Police in Texas are known for riding horses. The Texas Rangers is not just an old TV show.

I read one article about a man who had illegally trespassed in Galveston, and the police happened to be there on horses, so they handcuffed him. They didn’t have transportation, but needed to get the guy out of there, so they hooked a rope to his handcuffs and took off with him walking for the police station. However, the news made it look like they had a rope around his neck and put on the new headlines that the man walking was black. Come on, news media, you lied and you were just trying to get attention. You rile people up talking the way you talked. Don’t you care about America? Do you want good black people so scared they are threatening people to stay away from them? The police told everyone they should have figured out another way to transport the man, but it was too late. The news had upset everyone. The man could have been any color or any race, but they decided to tell everyone they thought a black man was being treated badly and upsetting the race relations for their story’s sake.

I have learned that it doesn’t matter what race you are, if you are a young man in the United States, you are more likely to get stopped by the cops than anyone else.. Young men are known for being foolish and reckless.

There was another story about a mass shooting that I didn’t read, but I saw that the headlines pointed out the guy was Hispanic, and another article said it was upsetting Hispanics across the nation. Why doesn’t the news point out that a guy is white if something bad happens to him or if he does something wrong? I have another black friend who tried to tell me once that young black men are targeted by the cops, but she wasn’t in on the discussion I heard among a group of white women in Ohio who were complaining about their sons being targeted by cops because they were young men. The media makes such a big hype and causes trouble.

They won’t let the race issues die in America. They want sensationalism so much that they want to point out when a black or Hispanic person gets in trouble to keep those groups upset It just isn’t right. People are people. I want you to think about the following.

Even thought we look at these people and think they are all white, there was a time in Great britian they would have been thought of as being from different races because of their hair colors. ////Photo by Ana Francisconi on Pexels.com

We think of the people of coming from Great Britain as British, but they weren’t always British. On the big Island where England is located, part of the United Kingdom, three different tribes combined to make one. The first tribe was called Pict. They were small white people with black hair and blue eyes who got their name from the fact that they drew pictures on their skin. The people who joined them were Gaelic. They had red hair, blue eyes, and pink skin. They were sea faring people who landed on the main island and in Ireland from the north. After that, another tribe showed up. They were Saxons. They were big people with blond hair, white skin, and either blue or brown eyes. These three tribes were very different. In the beginning, they fought among themselves, but eventually became one people.

Often, in England, red haired people have felt focused on like black people feel in America. //Photo by Dellon Thomas on Pexels.com

There was prejudice among them, and some of it carried over to today. They call the red haired people “gingers,” and if there is a red haired person in a class, a teacher seems to focus on them. They are known for having hot tempers.. The people from Wales are of Pict descent. The rest of them in Britain wonders if they should even be called part of them sometimes. They consider them strange and different. I know because I lived there as a little girl and felt how the people felt when they spoke.

The original people in Ireland had red hair, and when the Catholic church gave Ireland to England, the English sent people from England to rule them. In the beginning, the people from England were the Lords of Ireland. They began to associate black hair with invaders from England, and it caused trouble in Ireland. The people with red hair and the people with black hair began fighting, but the people with black hair had been there for several generations, and it was too late to go back to England, They had become Irish. //Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

To the rest of the world, the British are British. We think of the British people as being white, but there are separations among them according to hair color just like the separations in the States according to skin color. It is the same thing. It is just pigment. In Ireland,another island in Great Britain, the people from the outside didn’t realize that when they were fighting in the 1970’s, it had nothing to do with religion like the news wanted to make it out to be. They news kept saying it was the Catholics and Protestants fighting, but religion had nothing to do with it. The people with black and and red hair were having trouble becoming one people because of their history. I had a friend from Ireland for a long time, and she said it was a fight between people with red hair and black hair. She said she didn’t dare go to a certain part of town because her hair was red and not black.

He looks white to you, but he isn’t. He is American Indian. He is the chief of the Cherokee tribe. / It only takes a few chemicals to change the color of your skin.

It all sounds silly to people who don’t live in Great Britain because everyone looks at them and thinks they are white. They don’t look at their hair color, but they have a history of looking at hair color and being prejudice because of hair color. If you think they are silly, the people who are causing trouble because of someone’s race are just as silly. It is all just pigment. Have you ever heard of the book called, “Black Like Me?” It was a white writer who let someone put chemicals in him to make him black so he could go into the deep south and learn first hand what it was like to be black. It only took a few chemicals to change his skin color. We are not that different. It is all pigment like the hair issue in Great Britain. News media, the trouble is your fault because you are too busy trying to sell your stories.

This guy is Japanese. I was really shocked when I was mistaken as Japanese because I don’t have a bit of oriental blood in me, but my skin is yellow, my hair is black, my eyes are dark and I can see why they had a problem. When I was in Japan, I could see people who looked like my relatives. I was shocked when I was mistaken for Pakistani too, but it has been done more than once. I have also been mistaken for English, Mexican, and Romanian. I wish everyone could blend as well as I can. I consider myself a really good American because of my genetic background being mixed. I am so mixed my that this guy looks more like he should be my brother than my brother does. My brother has blonde hair and blue eyes which is unusual for our family, and when we hung out together, no one ever knew he was my brother.

News people always look for ways to get people to read what they write. When I was taught to write, I was taught to say something to get people’s attention and then keep the language interesting all the way through to keep attention, so I know what they do. Everyone wants an interesting story. The news people don’t care if they are causing trouble or not. They only care about getting people to read what they write. If the news people can’t act responsibly, everyone else needs to act responsibly instead and not cause trouble because of it. Who cares what color your hair is? Who really cares what color your skin is? As for me, I am of mixed race, and I can pass as all kinds of ethnicities and have been mistaken for them all over the world. I blend in many countries. I wish everyone could, but since we can’t, it would help if people just stop pointing out everyone else’s race because you upset the people of those races when you do. It makes them feel targeted and causes fear and trouble.

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