Peace in the Valley (Pace in Valea)

Buna Seara. Sper ca ati avut o zi buna. (I hope you had a good day.)Mult de Hugaria locuiesc in Romania, si mult in Romania au prieteni din Hungaria. (Many people from Hungary live in Romania, and many Romanians have Hungarian friends.) De asta, m-am gandit ca poate oameni din Romania lor le place cantecul acest. *Because of this I thought that people from Romania might light this song.) Cantecul era scris de un barbat se cheama Thomas Dorsey in 1937, dar Elvis Presley a cantat cantecul acest in 1957 cand Rusia a mers in Hungaria sa le faca sa fie Comuniste. (This song was written by Thomas Dorsey in 1937, but Elivs Presley sang it in 1957 when Russia went into Hungary to make it Communist. ) Multi oameni erau ucide, si mult oameni au avut nevoie de ajutor. (Many people were killed, and many people needed help.) De asta, Elvis a cantat cantecul aceasta pe televisorul. (Because of this Elvis sang this song on TV.) Cand el a cantat, el a cerut oameni sa trimite bani sa ajut pe cel in Hungaria. (When he sang this song, he asked people to send money to help the people in Hungary.) Oameni au trimit 6 milione de dolare sa le ajut, si in ziua de azi asta este la fel de 49.5 milione de dolare din America. (People sent six million dollars to help them, and today this is the same as 49.5 million American dollars.) Daca oameni sunt cresitini, ei au inimile buna si vor sa ajut pe cele alte. (If people are Christians, they have good hearts and want to help others.) Cand Comunismul a mers in Hungaria, in Romania, in Germania, si tot cele alte tarele acolo, asta se rupte inimile de multi oameni. (When Communism went in to Hungary, Romania, Germany, and all those country, many people’s hearts were broken.) Ei nu au vrut libertate sa fie luat de cele alte, si ei nu au vrut niemeni sa fie ucide. (They didn’t want liberty to be taken from anyone, and they didn’t want anyone killed.) Crestini intru adevar au grija de cele alte. (Christians really care about others.) Si Elvis au avut grija de oameni. (And Elivs cared about people). El a facut ce el a putut. (He did what he could.) Sper ca iti place cantecul acest. (I hope you like this song.) Noi tot vrem sa avem acelasi puteria sa ajut pe cele alte cum Elvis a facut. (We would all like to have the same power that Elvis had to help others.)

Peace in the Valley

Pace in Valea

Verse 1:

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Oh well, I am tired and so weary,

Sunt atat de obosit si extenuat,

but I must go alone.

Dar trebuie sa merg singura,

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Til the Lord comes and calls, calls me away, oh yes,

Pana Domnul vine si me cheama departe, de fapt.

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Well the morning is so bringt,

Dimneata e atat de stralucitor,

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and the lamb is the light.

Si cel oaie este lumina.

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and the night, night as black as the sea.

Si noaptea, noaptea este atat de negru.


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There will be peace in the valley for me, someday;

Ari fi pacea en vale pentru mine intru zi,

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There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord I pray.

Ari fi pacea en vale pentru mine, Domnul, te rog,

There’ll be so sadness, no sorrow, no trouble, trouble I see

Nu va fie tristete, nu intristare, nu necas, pot sa vad necaz

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There’ll be peace in the valley for me, for me.

Ari fi pacea in valea pentru mine, pentru mine,

Verse 2:

Well, the bear will be gentle

Bine, ursul va fie bland

And the wolves will be tame

Si lupule va fie docile

And the lion shall lie down with the lamb, oh yes

Si leul va sta intinde cu oaiea, de fapt.

And the beasts from the wild

Si cel animale din pustui

will be lead by a child

Ari fi condus de un copil

And I’ll be changed, changed from this creature I am, oh yes.

Si voi fiu schimbat, schimat din acest animal ce sunt, de fapt.

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