Cardboard Pizza

The pizza isn’t really cardboard, but that is what I call it. Korea has many very cheap pizza shops that has passable, but not really great pizza. The young people of Korea love to go out to eat pizza, and they accept even low quality pizza if they can eat pizza and not have to pay much. It is all over the place. Pizza is very popular with the young people in Korea. My Korean son in law wanted us to eat pizza for lunch today, but he didn’t want to pay much so we ended up with what I deem cardboard pizza. My Korean son in law and my daughter love it, and I can just put up with it.

A restaurant in the middle of the grocery store
You could see the girl behind the counter making the pizza.

They usually go to a place called Pizza School for their cardboard pizza, but today, we went to HomePlus, one of the big department store chains in Korea because among many other things, they also sell cardboard pizza. I guess you could compare it to these people in the States that buy frozen pizza in the grocery store, take it home, put it in the oven a few minutes, and eat it just because it is pizza, but don’t really seem to have any taste buds. If you want pizza, but don’t want to pay for it or make it yourself, it is one way to get pizza. The pizza they bought today wasn’t frozen, but you can compare it to that kind of quality.

These pizzas are on display in the display case. They look like they might be good.

There is actually a place they make pizza in the grocery story section of HomePlus, and that is where we went for lunch today. The pizzas are huge! They are made for feeding lots of people for a cheap price. The last time we went there, quite a while ago, there were stools at the bar around the pizza place where you could sit, but they have put a big display case with pizzas in it on the bar, so you can’t stay and eat anymore. These pizzas are made for take out only. Here in Korea, they love to soup their pizzas up with all kinds of peppers, onion, corn, mushrooms, fish, etc., whatever they can think of. Often, they get too spicy because we are in Korea after all, the land of spicy food. My daughter decided just to order cheese pizza to try to guard our stomachs. One super sized pizza only cost about 12 American dollars, or 12,000 Korean won. We bought the pizza and brought it home.

This is the picture of our huge pizza box. Those are clean dishes in the background. There is just no space in our kitchen for anything.

By the time we got home, my Korean son in law kept saying he was afraid the pizza might be cold, but my daughter assured him the weather was so hot it had not chance to get cold. They couldn’t wait to eat the pizza, and my daughter kept giggling and saying, “Pizza party!” They were having a great time! I was hot because the weather was hot, so I didn’t jump into the pizza quite as quickly as they did. I changed my clothes, put my hair up, and got a cold drink before I got my pizza and sat down in front of the air conditioner to eat.

I was astonished to o[pen the box and learn they had already eaten half the pizza.

They really do like this cardboard pizza. When I opened the box to get my pizza, half the pizza was already gone. I put a couple of pieces on a plate, and the pieces were so big they came off the side of the plate. I wondered if it was too much pizza for me, but each of them had taken two pieces,, so I decided to try.

The pizza pieces were so pig they came off my plate.

Needless to say, I couldn’t finish my pizza. It was just too much and I quit half way through the second piece and decided to take a nap. If I had wanted more, it wouldn’t have done me any good because those two were enjoying that pizza so much they finished it off in no time flat! They were on cloud nine eating their cardboard pizza!

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  1. Due to tight budgets for a long time, I am very familiar with cardboard pizza. For about 6 months back in 1988 – 1989, frozen cardboard pizza was my diet. I woke up, went to work, came home, popped a cardboard pizza in the oven as the 15 mile bike ride each way tended to leave me too tired to do more than pizza. The job didn’t pay enough for the luxuries of getting better quality food. Cardboard pizza went for about $1 at the time.

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