A Modern Day Parable

There was once a family that had three daughters. All three daughters were very pretty and smart . The parents were extremely proud of their daughters. They took them to church and tried hard to make sure they knew the difference between right and wrong. They always made sure they got their homework done because they loved to see those good grades on the report cards. They taught the girls not to drink, not to smoke, not to take drugs. They also taught them not to sleep with guys they weren’t married to and not to date guys who were divorced. They were trying hard to make their daughters into extremely respectable human beings. The mother taught them to cook and to sew as well as how to dress like little princesses. The father really encouraged the books. He had hopes that they would all go on to college, get good jobs, and make lots of money. One by one, the girls got old enough to graduate from high school.

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The first daughter was rebellious. She didn’t study, but she got good grades anyway because just happened to have a super memory and could remember everything the teachers said in class. She only had to look at a book once, and she remembered what was there. She began sleeping with her boyfriend even though her parents had told her not to do so, and they didn’t know. She went out with her friends the night of her graduation and got drunk. She just wasn’t doing what she was raised to do at all. Her parents didn’t realize what she was doing because they didn’t expect it and weren’t keeping that close of an eye. They enrolled her in a Christian college and sent her off to a Christian college. She missed her boyfriend. She didn’t want to far away from him. After just a week of college, she left the college and moved in with her boyfriend thinking he would marry her, but he had no intentions of marrying her. He had just been using her, and she went home in shame and heart broken. After that, she got a job and moved out and got her own apartment. She began sleeping with another boyfriend, and this time her parents figured out what she was doing. When they did, she and her boyfriend went to the courthouse and got married. However, this guy was taking drugs. He refused to work. He was really dragging her down. They fought a lot. Before they married, she tried taking drugs with him, but was smart enough not to enjoy it, so didn’t do it anymore. She met a guy at work who was more of who he should be and began sleeping with him. She left home and moved in with her boyfriend, and her husband came after her threatening to kill her boyfriend. The marriage ended in divorce, and she was lucky enough that this guy she was sleeping with was a decent enough human being to go ahead and marry her this time. They got married and went to college together. They got good jobs, bought a house, and raised a family. They liked to drink champagne and eat cheese. They though they were better than everyone around and made lots of money.

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The second daughter was crowned as football queen in high school because she was so pretty, but she never slept with any boy that chased her. She never drank or took drugs. She was sent to the Christian college just like her older sister. She loved the Christian college! She fell in love with going to chapel everyday. She loved studying. She had lots of friends. They guys were still chasing her, but she wasn’t giving in. Finally, a preacher asked her to marry him, and her mother was thrilled saying that she was doing what she raised her to do. Preacher’s lives often aren’t easy, and this preacher she married just kept moving every couple of years. Her parents wanted her to live close to them, but she couldn’t because she was married. She and her husband also raised a family. She and her husband struggled financially because churches don’t really like to pay preachers, so she went back to school and got even more education and got a good job and was helping with the money as well as raising the kids and keeping house.

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The third daughter began very interested in Christianity. However, her parents had pushed her toward her oldest sister. They admired the oldest sister because she made lots of money. They sent her to spend time with her oldest sister and discouraged her from being friends with the middle sister. They wanted their youngest daughter to be rich. She began sleeping with the guy across the street while she was in high school. He also took drugs. The mother figured out what her daughter was doing this time and took her daughter and her boyfriend to the courthouse and got them married. The parents didn’t want to loose their last daughter, so they moved the new husband into their house. The girl dropped out of high school to begin having babies. If the baby cried at night, the new husband was really mad at his wife, so the baby’s grandmother took care of the babies at night. The girl stayed at home doing nothing while her husband went to work and her mother took care of the babies and cleaned house. The mother was raising the babies. Finally, this girl’s husband went out on her with another woman, and she divorced him. She kept the kids and stayed with her parents. Her parents decided she needed to go back to school to making a living for herself and her babies, so she went back to school. She got her GED, her high school equivalency and then went to a couple of years of college. She was lucky enough to land an extremely good job. She met a guy she worked with, they fell in love, and got married. They bought a house next door to her parents. Her children didn’t want to leave their grandmother because their grandmother had taken care of them since the were born. They were spoiled, and when they went home, their new dad was trying to put them in order, but the grandmother didn’t approve at all. Eventually, it worked out by the children having bedrooms at both houses, but spending all their time at their grandmother’s house. The girl had another baby. The grandmother took care of this baby too. The grandmother became the mother of the girls’ children. The girl had a good job. She traveled a lot. She met a man on her travels and went out on her husband. She went to parties at work and got drunk. Her husband eventually divorced her because he just couldn’t put up with it all. She married the man she had gone out on her husband with and moved him into the house next to her parents.

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The parents had changed with time. They were accepting the sleeping around and drinking because they didn’t want to lose her. They were mad at the daughter who never came home because she couldn’t come home. Eventually the second daughter’s husband changed, and the preacher went out on his wife. He left her and the kids and took all the money. She was so confused and flabbergasted she didn’t know what to do. Her sisters were very supportive. Her older sister told her it was time for her to choose another man. She was asked out on a date, but she never went because she just couldn’t. She had been married too long, and it didn’t feel right. Her younger sister talked her into coming home and staying at her house. She needed family’s support and love, so she went. She trusted her sister. She stayed in a room at her sister’s house while she was looking for a job. She had no idea what her sister had done except that she had gotten a divorce and married again twice. Her younger sister told her that she had made mistakes, but that she was back on track and going to church, but when she got there, the younger sister wasn’t going to church. The younger sister was making lots of terrible assumptions about the middle sister. The younger sister wanted to make herself look better, so she told her parents that her sister had slept with another man, and that was why her marriage broke up. She called up others and told them the same thing, but it was all a lie. The younger sister was drinking whiskey and afraid for her sister to see it, so she was hiding it. The sister who had come to stay saw that the house was a mess and the meals weren’t getting cooked, and felt responsible. She was living in the house and looking for a job, so while she was looking for a job, she cleaned the house and was cooking meals.

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The younger sister became jealous because her husband told her that he liked the clean house and the food. The younger sister was afraid someone would love the middle sister more than her because of the things she was doing. She threw her sister in the street. The girl who was thrown into the street was so confused she didn’t know what to do. When the rest of the family heard, they were in a uproar, and they were all screaming and pushing and pulling on the girl who was thrown into the street, so she ran from them. The parents had changed because they were accepting lots of terrible things in their house that they had taught her not to do. She didn’t know what to do, so she went to the church. The church helped her find a place to stay until she got a job and could pay her bills. She wanted family, so after things had calmed down, she went back to her family and tried to straighten things out. She became friends with her family again.

Come to find out, the middle sister’s job was only temporary, but she still had kids to raise, so she had to work. She was invited to go to a foreign country for a good salary, so she took it to finish raising her kids. Many people in the family were mad at her for leaving again, but she had no choice. She had to pay bills and put food on the table. She continued going to church and taking her kids. Guys tried, but she never gave into anyone. She never slept with anyone and never got married again. She concentrated on taking care of her kids. They never missed a Sunday at church or a Bible study. She made sure her kids got a good education, were dressed well, and were fed well. None of her kids drank. None of them took drugs. They didn’t sleep around. They didn’t smoke. She had taught them right. They all went to school and got very good jobs and continued going to church and married good people.

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She didn’t have any money, but she had raised some really good kids. Eventually, she had to retire. Her mother was alone, so she decided perhaps it was time to go and spend some time with her mother. She had always wanted to spend more time with her parents, but had been unable. When her sisters learned that she was at her mother’s house, they completely disapproved! They called her immoral for being at her mother’s house. She left her mother’s house and didn’t know where to go. One of her daughters asked her to live with her. Her daughter didn’t want her mother to be far from her. She loved her daughter and accepted the invitation. The daughter and son in law loved her and treated her well. The son in law was the son of a preacher who was a very kind, good man who took good care of his family. The young couple wanted the girls’ mother to stay with them because they loved her and because they wanted her to help teach their children when they came. They were Christians, and they were ordering their lives well. Neither of them drank, smoked, or took drugs. They had both been on to school and got up and went to work everyday. They went to church every time. There was never any screaming, but only peace and laughter at their house. They had saved enough money to buy a house and decided to live closer to family, but the young wife was afraid of her mother’s sisters and didn’t trust her grandmother. She had grown up watching the way the women acted toward her mother. The grandmother always wanted all her kids and grand kids to live close to her. Both families want to claim this young couple. Where do you think this young couple will buy their house, close to the wife’s family or close to the husband’s family?

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