Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (Draga Domn si tatal Omenirelui)

Buna Seara. Sper ca ati avut o zi buna. (I hope you had a good day.) Fiecare zi, vrem sa incepem ziua nostri cu Dumnezeu si facem ziua nostri sfirsit cu Dumnezeu. (Every day, we want to begin our day with God, and finish our day with God. ) Acum, fac ultimat blogul meu pentru astazi. (Now, I am making my last blog of the day.) Dumnezeu era cu mine azi, si sper ca el era si cu tine. (God was with me today, and I hope he was with you too.) Fiecare zi incercam sa facem ce este bun, dar cand facem greseale, vrem Dumnezeu sa ne ierta. (Everyday we try to do what is good,but when we make mistakes, we want God to forgive us.)Vrem sa fim aproape la Dumnezeu. (We want to be close to God.) Cantec pentru astazi este ca un rugaciunea. (The song for today is like a prayer.)

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Draga Domnul si Tatal omenirelui

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Dear Lord and Father of mankind,

Draga Domnul si tatal oemirelui,

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Forgive our foolish ways

Prost drumele nostri iertii,

Reclothe us in our rightful mind

Nos imbraca cu indreptat mintele nostri

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In purer lives thy service find

Cu vietele mai pur ne las sa fie de folos

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In deeper reverence praise.

Cu veneratiea mai adunc, te laudam

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Drop thy still dews of quietness,

Lasa sa cadea roua ta linistit

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Till all our strivings cease

Pana tot incercand nostri opresc

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Take from our souls the strain and stress

Din sufletele nostri ei probleme si stres

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And let our ordered lives confess

Si las vietele nostri cu pacea arata

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The beauty of thy peace.
Frumesete de pacea ta

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