A Bible Class in the Ediya Coffee Shop

If you have read previous blogs I have written, you will know that I teach Bible classes in coffee shops. Lately, we have been going to the Lemon Tree in Hyochang Park on Sunday afternoons for me to teach the Bible class. However, today, the Lemon Tree was completely full. Before we even got out the car, one of the guys was beating on our car window telling us we were going to have to find a different place today. He suggested the Ediya Coffee Shop. We agreed and went down there with him and were soon joined by other members of the class. This guys had been on the phone inviting the others to a different coffee shop.

This is the guy who knocked on our car window. He is the one who began this particular class. He was in another Bible class I taught and wasn’t ready for me to stop teaching. He organizes the class for us, tries to keep everyone together, and promotes the class.

At the Lemon Tree, we had been able to go to a back room and use a couple of tables and all sit together to have the class and if anyone else came in the room, there weren’t many. However, down at the Ediya Coffee shop, when we first went in, the only tables I saw empty were right in the middle of the coffee shop, and they were too small. There wasn’t enough place for us all to sit together. However, this guy wasn’t done with his organizing. He found a big table over in a corner where only one guy was sitting alone. He asked if they guy would move to one of the small tables and let us use the large table, and he happily complied. The Ediya Coffee Shop turned out to be a good place.

My Youja cha was almost completely drunk before I thought to take a picture. It is really good tea.
There are some empty cups at our table. In the foreground, someone’s Korean/English Bible is laying there, and a phone. Several of them use cell phone and have the Bible downloaded onto their phones.

I took a shot of my Bible and one of the pictures I draw for the class, and in the background, you can see another member of the Bible class. checking the Bible in his phone.
There are several flavors of pat ing soo at this coffee shop. I love pat bing soo too. “Pat” is the sweet beans in the ice. “bing” means the crushed ice, and “soo” means water, but there is no water in it. There is rice cakes, a little ice cream, sometimes fruit, sometimes nuts, sweetened condensed milk, etc. Pat bing soo is a really nice summertime Korean desert. On the poster, where the have written “snow flakes, it means crushed ice.
I have never actually tried affocato, but this coffee shop serves affogato, a sweet coffee desert with ice cream in it the Koreans eat. I am not really a coffee drinker, so I kind of ignore coffee things, but others like this.

As usual, everyone got something to drink. Several of them decided they wanted hot chocolate or coffee. As for me, I usually always go for Yooja cha when I go to a Korean coffee shop. Yooja cha is a lemon drink with pieces of lemon floating in it. In the winter, I like it hot, and in the summer, I like it cold with ice in it. Today, everyone got hot drinks, and as usual, I enjoyed my Youja cha. It is delicious! There is a lot more at the Ediya coffee shop than drinks. They serve bagels, cheese cake, chocolate cake, muffins, etc. they also serve pat bin soo, the Korean ice desert that is so good in the summer. I saw signs saying they also have affogado, a coffee desert that many Korean places are serving now.

Here is where you order.
Cheese cake and chocolate cake are just two great items on their menu.
We were not the only ones studying at the coffee shop.
This coffee shop was full too. We were lucky to be able to get a big table big enough for our group.
Ediya Coffee shop was a good place for our Bible study.

We were lucky to get the large table in the corner because the coffee shop was pretty crowded. There were others studying there too, not just us. As usual, we had a good Bible class. We studied Matthew chapter 22. The chapter leaves you amazed at what a deep thinker Jesus was. There are people who don’t believe Jesus was the son of God, but if you read chapters like chapter 22 of Matthew, even if you don’t believe in Jesus, you would be completely amazed at him. He seems to out think everyone! At the end of the chapter, the people who have been firing questions at him and trying to trip him up are so baffled and confused that they are scared of him. After studying to teach the class I taught today, I really have thought about blogging about it because Jesus gets downright amazing! You will probably be receiving a blog about Matthew 22. We had a good class at the Ediya Coffee shop today.


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