When Upon Life’s Billows (Cand pe Marea Mare)

Buna Seara. Cum esti en seara asta? (How re you this evening?) Astazi am un cantec despre binecuvantarele Dumneaului. (Today I have a song about the blessings of God.) Dios ne a promit Cer, dar si in viata aici pe pamant, el ne da mult binecuvantarele daca ascult la el. (God promised us Heaven, but also in this life on earth, he gives us many blessing if we listen to him.) Daca nu am incercat sa urmeaza dupa Dumnezeu, sunt sigur ca viata mea nu va fie atat de fericita. (If I didn’t try to follow God, I am sure that my life wouldn’t be as happy.) Daca faci ce Dumnezeu vrea, vei avea mult oameni in jural de tine pe care te iubeste. (If you do what God wants, you will have a lot of people around you who love you.) In seara asta, prieteni mei au avut o petrecea doar pentruca ei au vrut sa faca ceva buna pentru mine. (This evening my friends had a party just because they wanted to do something good for me.) Dumnezeu me a binecuvantat cu mult prieteni din mult tarale. (God has blessed me with a lot of friends in a lot of countries.) Cand am probleme, sunt mult oameni pe care vrea sa ma ajut. (When I have problems, there are many people that want to help me.) Am mult binecuvantarele din Dumnezeu. (I have a lot of blessings from God.)

When Upon Life’s Billows

Cuando pe Marea Mare

When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,

Cunado pe marea mare esti aruncat en furtuna,

When you are discouraged thinking all is lost,

Cuando esti descurajat gidire tot e pierdut,

Count your many blessing,

Numara mult binecvantarele tale,

Name them one by one,

Le spune unul cate unul,

And it will surprise you

Si vei fi uimit despre

what the Lord has done.

Ce Domnul a facut,

Count your blessings

Numara binecuvantarele tale

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Name them one by one.

Le spune unul cate unul,

Count your blessings,

Numara binecuvantarele tale,

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See what God hath done.

Vez ce Dumnezeu a facut.

Count your blessings

Numare binecuvantarele tale

Name them one by one,

Le spune unul cate unul,

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Count your many blessings,

Numare binecuvanterel tale,

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

See what God hath done.

Vez ce Dumnezeu a facut.

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