Let’s Play With English; Pink Verb Quiz, Level 4C

Congratulations! You have made it to the last verb quiz. I hope you have done well on all of them. After this quiz, there will be more English lessons, lesson that will be useful in understanding what you read as well as for writing. I will end up teaching you how to put together the essay that everyone in American universities must learn to write and is on several ESL tests to go to school in America. In fact, the essay is on the test for a good visa to Australia too. However, for now, let’s finish the quizzes. This one uses the pink verbs. It uses whatever verb tense is appropriate. Each one has its own directions, so follow the directions for each one. There will be possible answers at the end of the blog. Your answers may not look exactly like the possible answers, but must be similar. The possible answers will show you the word order. I hope you do a good job! Good luck!

There was no princess to save, but if you have made it this far and made at least 80% on one of the three quizzes of the same color on all levels, then you are a winner!! This quiz is your last chance to make an 80%.////Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

Pink Verb Quiz, Level 4C

  1. Write an “if/then” statement with these verbs: “pass away & forget.”_______________
  2. Use reported speech with these verbs: “preach & change.” ______________________
  3. Use these two verbs in a sentence: “throw & catch.” ___________________________
  4. Make a future tense question with this verb: “marry.”___________________________
  5. Make a compound sentence with these two verbs: “talk & forgive.”________________
  6. Make a compound sentence with these two verbs: “shop & sell.”__________________
  7. Make an “if/then” statement with these verbs: “shout & care.” ____________________
  8. Make a present tense question with this verb: “choose.” ___________________
  9. Use reported speech with these verbs: “think & follow.” _________________________
  10. Write a sentence with these two verbs: “punish & escape.” _______________________

Yipee!! You made it!! You finished all the verb quizzes! I hope you made a high score on all of them!!

Possible Answers:

  1. If a family member passes away, then it is difficult to forget. / If I pass away, then you will forget me. / if the old ways pass away, then everyone has forgotten them.
  2. He preached saying, “If you change your hearts and be baptized, you will be saved.”/ He was constantly preaching that everyone should change. / He said that he had been preaching that everyone should change.
  3. If I throw a ball, then you will catch it. / Throwing and catching a ball is fun./ He threw a piece of candy, and she caught it.
  4. Will you marry me?/ Will Fred and Sarah get married next month?/ When will Fred and Sarah get married?/ Why will Fred and Sarah get married?/ I couldn’t believe that the would get married in two months time!
  5. I want to talk to her because I know she will forgive./ Often, after people talk it out, they forgive one another./ He asked to talk with her, and when she gave in and talked to him, she forgave him.
  6. Let’s go to E-Mart to shop because they sell meat for good prices. / We went shopping today, and they were selling lot’s of special items. / Let’s go shopping at Wal-Mart because they sell everything for the best price.
  7. If you shout, then you scare the baby./ If he shouts loud, then everyone is scared. / If shouting were the right way, then people wouldn’t get scared./ If you shout, you scare me.
  8. Which one do you choose?/ What does he choose to do?/ How do I choose?/ Which path do you choose?
  9. I think that I will follow Jesus. / He thought that following the blue car was the right way to go./ “He is following me” I thought.
  10. If the criminal escapes, then the law should punish him./ He tried to escape so no one would punish him./ The little boy escaped through the window so his mother wouldn’t punish him.

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