Let’s Play With English; Pink Verb Quiz, Level 4B

We are almost there! This is the second to the last verb quiz on the last level. On this level, you write sentences. If you have made it this far, you have worked hard and should be commended. The pink verbs are verbs that are used often, but not quite as often as the red verbs which are the most must verbs in the English language. If you know the red verbs and the pink, verbs and can conjugate them, you can do a lot with English. If you have learned to conjugate these verbs, the verbs you encounter that you have never seen before will be easier for you to conjugate. In the simple past tense and the past participles, the red and the pink verbs often don’t follow the rules and you must memorize them, but if you encounter a verb that is not pink or red, it probably follows the rules and you can conjugate it according to the rules and do’t have to memorize any new forms to use it, just add “-ed” for past tense or for the past participle if the verb is not red or pink. The red and pink verbs are the most important to learn. Now, you will be writing sentences with the pink verbs. Follow the directions on each one. Use whatever verb tense you want or that fits with the directions. There are possible answers at the end. Good Luck!

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Pink Verb Quiz, Level 4B

  1. Use “would & surprise” in a sentence.________________________________________
  2. Use reported speech. Use the verbs: “think & change.”__________________________
  3. Use an “If/then” statement. Use these verbs: :draw & show..”_____________________
  4. Use two verbs in a sentence. Use these verbs: “sell & earn.”_______________________
  5. Make a future tense questions. Use this verb: “earn.”____________________________
  6. Use a compound sentence. Use these verbs: “pass away & cry.”___________________
  7. Use “would & build” in a sentence. _________________________________________
  8. Use reported speech. Use these verbs: “hope & forgive,” ________________________
  9. Use an “if/then” statement. Use the verbs “cry & throw.” _________________________
  10. Use a compound sentence. Use these verbs: “make & scare.”_____________________
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Possible answers:

  1. We would surprise him with a cake on his birthday./ If I could, I would surprise you on your birthday./ It would be surprising if he cleaned the house.
  2. I think that he will change./ “I must change” he thought./ “I need to change my clothes” I thought. / I think that I will change my clothes.
  3. If I draw a picture, then I will show it to you. / If he draws a an elephant, I want him to show it to me./ If he could draw, then he would show us his pictures.
  4. He earns a lot of money selling hamburgers at his restaurant./ If I could sell 200 cars in a year, I could earn a lot of money./ Rather than trying to sell things, he goes to a job to earn money.
  5. Will you earn a lot of money from your job?/ How much money will you earn in 2020? / Will you earn 2,000 dollars a month at your job?/ Will he earn respect by doing the right thing?/ What will you earn by doing the right thing?
  6. When her passed away, she cried all night./ He passed away, so she cried and cried./ She cried because he passed away./ She is strange because although he passed away, she didn’t cry.
  7. I would build a house if I could. / He would build lots of houses every year./ If I could, I would build a big beautiful house.
  8. He hoped that she would forgive him./ He said, “I hope you forgive me.”/ I said, “I had hoped she had forgiven you a long time ago, but it looks like she hasn’t.
  9. If the baby cries, then he also throws his toys./ If you cry, then I will throw you out of the house!/ If he throws a tantrum, then he cries loudly!
  10. On Halloween, we make our own costumes, and then we walk around scaring people./ He made me scared when he screamed. / Loud noises make the baby cry, so we try to be quiet.

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