Let’s Play With English; Pink Verb Quiz, Level 4A

Yes, you have arrived at the very last set of verb quizzes in this series, the pink level 4. That means that you must know how to conjugate the pink verbs, the verbs that are used often. You also must know the different sentence types and how to write a sentence using them. For each one on this level, there are different directions, so you have to read the directions for each one before you write the sentence or question. If you are unsure how to to it, you can look back a previous blogs that explain the different kinds of sentences. I can’t read your sentences, but I will put some possible answers at the bottom for you to compare your sentences to. You can check the word order and see if yours is right. I hope you enjoy the quizzes. After the quizzes are finished, I have more good ideas for you to improve your English. Good luck!

Hey! You must be really smart! You have made it to the last level! After this quiz, you only have two more to go!

Pink Verb Quiz, Level 4A

  1. Use “would + protect” in a sentence.________________________________________
  2. Use reported speech. Use these verbs: “yell & hurt.”____________________________
  3. Use and “if/then” statement. Use these verbs: “show & paint.”____________________
  4. Use 2 verbs in a sentence. Use these verbs: “make & forget.”______________________
  5. Make a past tense question. Use this verb: “talk.”______________________________
  6. Use a compound sentence. Use these verbs: “change & forgive.”__________________
  7. Use “would + grow” in a sentence. __________________________________________
  8. Use reported speech. Use these verbs: “think & marry.”_________________________
  9. Use an “if/then” statement. Use the verbs “protect & die.”_______________________
  10. Use a compound sentence. Use these verbs: “search (look for) & marry.” ___________
Yes, yes! You are doing great! Your English is getting stronger and stronger!////Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

Possible Answers:

  1. If I needed to, I would protect you./ He would protect me from bullies./ The knights in old England would protect the people from harm.
  2. She said, “Don’t yell at me because it hurts my ears.”/ He thought that he had hurt her feelings when he yelled at her./ She yelled, “Please don’t get hurt!”
  3. If I paint your picture, then I will show it to you./ He wanted to paint and then to show his paintings in a museum./ He showed me where he had painted a mural on the wall.
  4. Watching a movie will make you forget your problems./ I want to make you forget./ He tried to make her laugh so she would forget her problems.
  5. Did you talk to her?/ Have you talked to her?/ When did you talk to her?/ How did you talk to her?/ Could you talk to her?
  6. I have changed my ways, and God has forgiven my sins./ He changed, so I forgave him./ When you change, he will forgive you.
  7. She would grow tomatoes in her garden./ If she could, she would grow tomatoes. /Every year, he would grow about 2 inches.
  8. He said, “I think I am going to marry her.”/ “I am going to marry her,” he thought./He thought that he wanted to marry her.
  9. If I protect her, then she won’t die./ If she dies, then I can’t protect her anymore./ If she protects her baby, then her baby won’t die.

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