“How Sweet, How Heavenly” (Ce Dulce, Ce Ceresc)

Buna Seara. Sper ca sunteti bine en este seara. (I hope that you guys are fine this evening.) Se pare ca sunt foarte ocupata fiecare zi, si de seara, sunt obosita, si astazi sunt mai obosita decat obicei. (It seems that I am very busy everyday, and in the evening, I am tired, and today I am tireder than usual.) Totusi, sunt fericita ca am putut sa indeplinesc mult astazi. (However, I am happy because I could accomplish a lot today.) De obicei, este blog este ultimat blog pe care fac pentru astazi. (Like usual, this blog is the last blog that I do for today.) Iubesc pe Dumnezeu, imi place foarte mult sa cant, si imi place foarte mult sa vorbesc limba romana. (I love God, I like to sing very much, and I like to speak Romanian very much.) Blogul acest imi da placerea. (This blog gives me pleasure.) Sper ca blogul acest si iti da placerea. (I hope that this blog also give you pleasure.) Am un cantec pentru azi pe care este foarte calm. (I have a song for today that is very calm.) Si, are un inteles foarte frumos. (And, it has a very beautiful meaning.) Sper ca iti place cat de mult ca o imi place. (I hope that you like it as much a I like it.)

How Sweet, How Heavenly

Ce Dulce, Ce Ceresc

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How sweet, how heavenly is the sight,

Ce dulce, ce ceresc e vedere,

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When those that love the Lord,

Cand cel pe care iubesc pe Domnul,

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In one another’s peace delight,

Sunt foarte fericit in cele alte,

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And so fulfill the word.

Si asa indeplinesc cuvantul.

When each can feel his brother’s sigh,

Cand fiecare poate sa simpt oftat fratelui,

And with him share a part;

Si cu el imparta viata;

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When sorrow flows from eye to eye

Cand necaz curge din ochi la ochi

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And joy from heart to heart.

Si bucurie din inima la inima.

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When free from envy, scorn, and pride,

Cand liber din invidia, dispret, si mandrie,

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Our wishes all above,

Dorintele nostri tot mai presus,

Each can his brother’s failings hide

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Fiecare poate ascund cadere fratelui

And show a brother’s love.

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Si arat iubirea fratelui.

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When love in one delightful stream

Cand rau de iubirea incantator

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Through every bosom flows,

prin fiecare suflet curge,

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When union sweet and dear esteem

Cand unire dulce si iubirea draga

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In every action flows.

In fiecare fapte curge.

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Love is the golden chain that binds

iubirea e lant din aur ce lega

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The happy souls above,

Cel suflete fericite de asupra,

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And he’s an heir of Heaven who finds

Si el e mostenitor din Cer ce gaseste

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His bosom glow with love.

Sufletul lui straucire cu iubirea.

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