Let’s Play With English; Red Verb Quiz, Level 4C

This is the last of the red verb quizzes. After this, there are only three pink quizzes, and the verb quizzes will be finished. On this level, you use the verbs to write sentences. The red verbs are the most used verbs in the English language. On this level, you may use any verb conjugation, but you must follow the directions. If you don’t know what kind of sentences the question is talking about, you can look back through the blogs, and there is a blog that explains the different kinds of sentences. Everyone will have a different sentence, but they will follow the same basic patterns, so I can’t know exactly what sentence you will write to put in the answers at the bottom. However, I will give you some example sentences that could be written there, and you will see the pattern and compare it with what you have done. Follow the directions for each one. Good luck!

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Red Verb Quiz, Level 4C

  1. Write a sentence with these two verbs: “answer & call.”_________________________
  2. Write a compound sentence with these two verbs: “win & lose.”___________________
  3. Use reported speech with these two verbs: “pray & help.”________________________
  4. Write an “if/then” statement with these two verbs: “teach & learn.” ________________
  5. Write a sentence with this verb and modal: “would & listen.”_____________________
  6. Write a question using past tense with this verb: “meet.”________________________
  7. Write a sentence with these two verbs: “wake up & put on.”______________________
  8. Write a compound sentence with these two verbs: “come & go.”__________________
  9. Use reported speech with these two verbs: “say & love.” ________________________
  10. Write an ‘If/then” statement with these verbs: “cook & eat.” ______________________
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Possible Answers:

  1. When a friend calls, you answer./ I answered when she called./ Although I answered, I not one had actually called because it was a robot.
  2. Mary won the game, and Sarah lost./ He lost the game, and he wants to play again until he wins./ I lost, so I want to play again.
  3. “Please help me” I prayed to God. / He prayed that God help him./ I prayed that God would help me be a better person.
  4. If I teach you English, then you will learn it./ If the teacher teaches me, then I learn./ If he teaches, then no one learns anything.
  5. I would like to listen to music./ I would listen to music all evening back then./ He would like to speak to you./ He would never listen to his mother.
  6. Did you meet him?/ Where did you meet him?/ How did you meet him?/ Who did you meet?/ Have you met him?/ Did you want to meet him?/ When did you meet him?
  7. In the morning, I wake up and put on my blue jeans. / After I wake up, I put on my clothes./ When I wake up, immediately, I put on my clothes.
  8. I went to Japan, and then I came back to America./ When I came, he went. / Although I had come to see him, he had already gone.
  9. I said, “I love you.”/ He said that he loved her./ “She loved him” she said.
  10. If you cook dinner, then I will eat./ If I cook dinner, then everyone wants to eat./ If my daughter cooks, I like eating it.

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