Let’s Play With English; Red Verb Quiz, Level 4B

This is the second verb quiz on the fourth level using the red verbs. The red verbs are the most used verbs in the English language. Learning to use them will speed you on to fluency faster. On this level, you will be writing sentences, and there is no way I can actually read your sentences to see if you got them right, so I will include sample sentences at the end of the quiz for each one so you can compare the word order and see if you got it right. These quizzes use all the verb tenses. If you are unsure about how to write a certain type of sentence, there is a blog in this series about sentence types. There is also a blog about the most widespread grammar problem. Good luck!

Let’s play some more!

Red Verb Quiz, Level 4B

Directions: Follow the directions on each one.

  1. Use “would + give” in a question.___________________________________________
  2. Use reported speech. Use these verbs: “pray & open.” _(sometimes, “open” can also be used as an adjective, not just a verb.)_________________________
  3. Write an “if/then” statement. Use the verbs, “call & answer.”______________________
  4. Use a compound sentence. Use the verbs, “read & write.”________________________
  5. Make a future question. Use this verb: “get up.” _______________________________
  6. Use these two verbs in a sentence: “come & go.”_______________________________
  7. Use “would + sing” in a sentence. __________________________________________
  8. Use reported speech. Use the verbs, “say & cut.” _______________________________
  9. Use an “if/then” statement. Use the verbs “teach & listen.”_______________________
  10. Use a compound sentence. Use these verbs: “get & make.”______________________
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Possible Answers:

(There are many possible answers. However, I will give you some samples so you can compare what you wrote with what I wrote to see if the grammar is right.)

  1. Would you give me a cookie?/ Would he give you a book when you went to class?/ Would she give you a nice home cooked dinner?/ Would he give me a hug if I needed one?
  2. I said, “Don’t pray with your eyes open.”/ She says that he prays with his eyes open./ He said, “you can open your eyes after you pray.“/ “When I opened the door, they were praying” said the preacher.
  3. If you call me, then I will answer./ If you call me, then I won’t answer. / If he calls her, then she always answers.
  4. When I write a book, people like to read it./ Although I wasn’t finished writing my paper, my teacher asked to read it anyway. / I was reading a book, and she was writing an essay.
  5. Will you get up?/ When will you get up?/ When shall I get up?/ When would you like to get up?/ Will you get up every morning?
  6. When he comes, I always go./ He goes on Wednesday, and she comes on Thursday./ After coming, we always go to a restaurant.
  7. I would sing at church every week. / He would sing wonderfully!/ If I would sing, I could sing.
  8. He said, “Please cut my hair.”/ She said, “Please cut the potatoes up after you peel them.”/ She said that she cut her finger.
  9. If the teacher teaches, then I listen./ If he taught a good listen, then many people listened./ If you had been listening, then I wouldn’t have to teach you again./ If he was teaching, she was always listening.
  10. She got some flour because she wanted to make a cake./ Let’s get some glitter, and we can put it on the Christmas stars we made. / He gets lots of origami paper because he likes to make origami birds and give them out./ She got a lot of material, so her mother can make a quilt. / Although he makes her happy, she gets a headache every time he visits.

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