Let’s Play With English; Red Verb Quiz, Level 4A

I have been trying to prepare you for this level with several quizzes emphasizing several different verb tenses, and three bogs that explained sentences and a major grammar problem. On this level, you are actually supposed to write sentences. There is no way I can actually read your sentences, but I will give you sample sentences in the answer section for each one at the end of the blog. This is the first quiz on the fourth level using the red verbs. The red verbs are the most used verbs in the English language. Many students in my classes have learned to write perfect sentences by the time they get here. Good luck!

Let’s play some more!///Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Red Verb Quiz, Level 4A

Directions: Each one has different directions, so follow the directions on each one. You may conjugate the verb any way you wish as long as it follows the directions and the rules for those kinds of verbs.

  1. Use “would + cook” in a question.______________________________________
  2. Use reported speech. Use the verbs, “say & wait.” __________________________
  3. Use an “If/then” statement. Use these verbs: “ask & answer.” _________________
  4. Use two verbs in a sentence. Use the verbs, “come & study.”___________________
  5. Use a compound sentence. Use the verbs, “like & eat.”_______________________
  6. Make a future question. Use the verb, “teach.”_______________________________
  7. Use “would + laugh” in a sentence.________________________________________
  8. Use reported speech. Use the verbs, “ask & want.” ____________________________
  9. Use and “if/then” statement. Use the verbs, “go & pray.”________________________
  10. Use a compound sentence. Use the verbs, “wait & buy.” ________________________
Yippie! You made it to the end of the first quiz on the last level!

Possible Answers:

(There are many possible answers, but these give you the idea of the word order to see if you got your word order basically right.)

  1. Would you please cook?/ Would he cook on weekends? / Would you cook fried chicken this evening?
  2. “Wait!” I said./ She said that I should wait./ He said, “Please wait for me.” / He said that he would wait./ He said that she is waiting outside.
  3. If I ask a question, then you should answer the question./ If the teacher asks a question, I answer the questions.
  4. Please come study at my house with me./ After he comes home, he always studies first. / When she came home, she studied.
  5. He likes to eat pizza, so we called the pizza place to deliver pizza./ He likes feeling good, so he eats three meals a day.
  6. Will you teach English when you graduate?/ Will you teach me how to speak English?
  7. I would laugh every time he told a joke./ He would laugh every time I walked by.
  8. “What do you want?” she asked. / When I hung up the phone, my mother asked, “What did he want?”
  9. If I go to church, they always pray. / If we go out for dinner, then I still pray before I eat.
  10. Wait a minute because I want to buy something. / I waited in line because I wanted to buy groceries. /I waited to buy Christmas presents until Dec. 23rd, and it was hard to find presents.

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