Selling Books at Aladdin Bookstore

As many people know, we are going to move to Oklahoma. However, it is just too expensive to take everything with us. My daughter is busy trying to sell everything she can. One of the things she has been doing is sorting through our books and trying to sell some of them at Aladdin Bookstore. That is what she did today, and she explained everything she was doing along the way.

This is “Aladdin” in Korean. It is the sign above the door.

Yesterday, I sorted out a lot of books off the bookshelf. You see, I am an English professor. Professors just flat have books,especially English professors. Books are our business as well as our pleasure. People who become English professors usually do so because they love books, and I have loved books my whole life, so I have lots of books. I have tried not to collect too many here in Korea because I knew we wouldn’t be here forever, but to do my job and to enjoy myself both, it just takes books. I put a lot of my books into two boxes yesterday and told my daughter she could sell what she wanted, but that I would give the rest of them to my buddies, Joseph and Jupil, who also teach English. She sorted through and came up with a box she thought would sell. She had already put a box together herself, so she ended up with two boxes to take to Aladdin today.

Walking through the parking lot with heavy boxes of books
Going down the moving sidewalk inside the store with the boxes

My Korean son in law had to help because the boxes of books were heavy, and even though I initially carried one to the car, I have strict doctor’s instructions not to carry anything heavy. The instructions are so strict that they told me I could end up in the hospital and die if I didn’t listen, so I usually try to listen. I drove us with the books over to Home Plus in Gayang because there is an Aladdin Bookstore inside. They carried the boxes into the store and down the walking sidewalks.

Unloading the books at the counter
Sorting through the books
Continuing sorting through the books

They began unloading the books at the counter in the book store. The lady came to help and began sorting through the books. As she sorted, she put them in different categories. The ISBN number has to be in their data base, so she scans it. You can’t have written on the book at all. No one should have put a stamp in the book. If there has hever been any water on the book, even if it is dried, they won’t take those either. If the book is bound with a wire like a notebook, they won’t take those books either. I had several of those that were teacher’s books even though they had everything else in order, so they didn’t take them. If they already have a particular book in stock, they won’t buy that book from you either. If your books are rejected by Aladdin, it doesn’t mean they are bad. They just don’t fit the criteria. If they are some that they already have, you can always go to another Aladdin and try to sell them there.

The books were sorting into several different piles.
Each book she scanned came up on the computer. The ones on the list are the ones they took and the price they paid in Korean won. They will make a big profit off these books. If you look at the bottom, there is a partial list of the books that were good, but they couldn’t take because they had too many of them already. On the Right, you can we we got 15,000 won for he books, and that is about $15.00.

As the lady in the store sorted through the books, she scanned them. The price the store would give for them came up on a computer for us to see.

The box we couldn’t sell

After all was said and done, we took two boxes to sell and could only sell one box after they were sorted through. In America, when people get ready to move, they often have a yard sale or a garage sale. However, they don’t do things like that in Korea, but my daughter is finding ways to sell things we have anyway. I won’t sell and give away all my books. There are some books that are just to special or necessary to sell, and I will be packing those up and sending them to Oklahoma.

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