“I’ll Be a Friend to Jesus” ( Voi Fi un Prieten Pentru Iesu)

Buna Seara. Ce mai faci azi? (How are you doing today?) Sper ca faci bine. (I hope you are doing fine.) Tot e bine la casa noastra. (Everything is fine at our house.) Chiar acum, fica mea si sotul ei au mers un restaurante. (Just now, my daughter and her husband went to a restaurant.) El a vrut sa mananc gaina, dar ea nu vrea sa o mananc, su eu nu am mers ca nici nu eu vreau sa mananc gaina din Corea. (He wanted to eat chicken, but she doesn’t want to eat chicken, and neither do I want to each Korean chicken.) Ei spun ca este gaina prajit in ulei, dar nu este la fel cum ce oameni American mananc. (They say it is fried chicken, but it isn’t the same as Americans eat.) Oameni din Corea nu pot sa fac gaina a prajit in ulei fara sa pune niste condimente picant en gaina. (People from Korea can’t make fried chicken without putting chili spice in the chicken.) Si cand ei o fac, asta face stomacul meu si stomacului fica mea a rani. (And when they make it, it makes my stomach and my daughter’s stomach hurt.) Ea a decis doar sa merg, dar nu sa mananc, si eu nu am mers. (She decided just to go, but not to eat, and I decided not to go.) Me e foame, si vreau sa mananc acasa. (I am hungry and want to eat at home.) Dupa sunt terminat cu cantecul, eu voi mananca. (After I am finished with the song, I am going to eat.) Cantecul acest este cantat in Oklahoma en bisericii foarte vechi, si este un cantec foarte frumos. (This song is sung in Oklahoma in very old churches, and is a very pretty song.)

I’ll Be a Friend to Jesus

Voi Fi un Prieten Pentru Iesu

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They tried my Lord and master,

Voi fi un prienten pentru Iesu,

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With no one to defend,

Cu nici unul sa il proteja,

Within the halls of Pilate,

Inuntru de sala a lui Pilat,

He stood without a friend.

El era fara un prienten.

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I’ll be a friend to Jesus,

Voi fi un prieten pentru Iesu,

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My life for him I’ll spend,

Viata mea voi trai pentru el,

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I’ll be a friend to Jesus,

Voi fi un prieten pentru Isus

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My life for him I’ll spend.

Viata mea voi trai penru el.

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