“Must I Go, and Empty Handed” (Trebuie sa Merg Fara Nimic”

Buna Seara. Sper ca atiti avut o zi superb. (I hope you had a wonderful day.) Am vrut sa dorm astazi, dar nu am facut o. (I wanted to sleep today, but I didn’t do it.) Cateodata, eu trebuie doar sa ma impinge, si sunt ferecita cand o fac. (Sometimes, I just must push myself, and I am happy when do it.) Dar, cateodata, eu trebuie sa dorm si nu ma impinge. (However, sometimes, I must sleep and not push myself.) Ma bucur ca in ultimat timp, mi fica a facut viata mea mult mai usor, si daca eu trebuie sa dorm, pot. (I am happy because lately, my daughter has made my life easier, and if I must sleep, I can.) Daca nu fac nimic toata ziua, fica mea crede ca este bine si intotdeuna imi spune. (If I don’t do anything all day, my daughter thinks it is just fine, and she always tells me.) E primul timpul in viata mea cand oameni nu astept nimic in afara de prezenta mea.. (It is the first time in my life when people don’t expect anything except my presence.) Dar asi vreau sa fac ceva pentru casa noastra pe care ajuta familia. (But I would like to do something for our home that helps the family.) Dumnezeu si ne spune ca noi nu trebuie sa faca nimic sa faca el sa ne iubeste. (God also tells us that we don’t need to do anything to make him love us.) Dumnezeu vrea noi sa facem lucru buna, dar chair si nu putem, el mai ne iubeste. (God wants us to do good things, but even if we don’t, he still loves us.) Simptim foarte humil si iubit in fata de Dumnezeu. (We feel very humble and loved in front of God.) Cristos a murit pentru noi, dar doar vrea prezenta si iubierea noastra. (Christ died for us, but he only wants our presence and our love.) Noi nu putem sa il da nimic in afara de vietele noatre. (We can’t give him anything outside of our lives.) simptim humil in fata de ce el a facut pentru noi. (We feel humble in front of what he has done for us.) Noi vrem sa il dam si cele alte oameni pentruca stiam ce el iubeste si pe ei. (We want to give him other people too because we know that he loves them too.) Totusi, cateodata, trebuie sa murim inainte putem sa il dam cele alte oameni pe care noi iubim. (However, sometimes, we must die before we can give him the other people we love.)

Must I Go, and Empty Handed

Trebuie sa Merg Fara Nimic

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Must I go, and empty handed,

Trebuie sa merg fara nimic,

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Thus my dear redeemer?

Asa drag mantuitorul meu?

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Not one day of service give him,

Nici un zi de serviciu il dau,

Lay no trophies at his feet?

Nu sa pune trofeule la picioarele lui?

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Must I go, and empty handed?

Trebuie sa merg, si fara nimic?

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Must I meet my savior so?

trebuie sa intalnesc mantuitor asa?

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Not one soul with which to greet him?

Cu nici un suflet pe care pot sa il dau?

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Must I empty handed go?

Trebuie sa merg fara nimic?

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