A Summer Picnic Dinner

Here in Korea, when the weather is hot, they like to eat buckwheat noodle soup with crushed ice in it, but that is not what Americans eat when the weather is hot. It is summer time, so I decided today to make a dinner that could just be taken out of the fridge and eaten cold. I remember people in the states always complaining about how hot the kitchen got every evening in the summer because someone was cooking, but you can make this up ahead of time, put it in the fridge, let it get cold while everyone is out of the house, and the air conditioner will be able to make the house cool down before they get home. Either that, or you can make it and take it to the park.

I boiled four eggs for the macaroni salad.
I boiled the macaroni noodles.
I poured the cooked macaroni noodles into a colander and ran cold water over it to cool it off.

I began by making a macaroni salad. I boiled four eggs and a pot of macaroni noodles. Eggs aren’t hard to boil. You just cover them with water and turn the fire on. After that, you bring them to a boil, and let them boil from 3-5 minutes. After that, pour the hot water out of them and cold water into them until they are cool enough to handle and peel them. For the macaroni, fill a large pot full of water and put a couple of drops of cooking oil in the water. Put the water on the fire to boil. When it boils, put the macaroni in the hot water, turn the fire down, mix the oodles, and put a lid on it. Let them boil until they are soft. When they are soft, put a colander in the sink, pour the noodles into the colander and let the water go down the drain. turn the cold water on and let it run over the noodles until they cool off.

I mashed the eggs with a fork.
After I mashed the eggs with a fork, I mixed them with mayonnaise.
After I mixed the mayonnaise into the eggs, I dumped the cold noodles on top.
I dumped more mayonnaise on the noodles.
I mixed all the eggs, noodles, and mayonnaise together and added salt and mixed a bit more.
I sprinkled paprika on the top.
I covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge because it is supposed to be cold.

Next, mash the eggs in a big bowl with a fork. Put a big bunch of mayonnaise on the eggs and mix it in. Dump the cold noodles on top of the eggs and add some more mayonnaise. Mix the eggs, the noodles, and the mayonnaise together. Salt the salad and mix the salt into it too. Lastly, use Paprika and sprinkle it on the top. Cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge until someone wants to eat.

I cut up honey dew melon and put it in a covered container and put it in the fridge too.

While the eggs and the noodles are cooking, cut up a melon. I like cantaloupe, but cantaloupe is really hard to find in Korea. I used honey dew melon. I cut it in half and cleaned the seeds out of it. I turned the melon upside down on my cutting board with the peeling side up. I used a big knife and cut slices into each half melon. I then cut the peelings off and rinsed the melon off to get all the excess seeds or whatever else was on them, then put them in a plastic container, covered them, and put them in the fridge.

I boiled some corn on the cob.

Next, I cleaned up my big pot and put more water in it. I made sure all the excess stuff was off the corn on the cop, and then put the corn on the cob in the water. I put it on to boil. When it came to a boil, I let it boil for three minutes, and then I turned it off.

I dipped the chicken in the flour, then the egg, then the flour again, and then put it in the oil in the frying pan.
I put the chicken in the frying pan, put a lid on it, and turned the fire down very low.
I kept a lid on the chicken, but I also kept an eye on it turning it occasionally so it wouldn’t get too brown on one side.
After thirty minutes, we had nice crunchy fried chicken.

Next, I made fried chicken. I put some cooking oil in a frying pan. I put some flour with salt in it in one dish and broke two eggs into another dish and mixed them with a fork. I first dipped the chicken in the flour, then in the egg, and then in the flour again. I placed all the pieces in the in the cooking oil, turned the fire down, and put a lid on it. I kept an eye on it turning it over occasionally. I let it cook for about thirty minutes with the lid on and the fire down low to make sure it was done all the way through. I watched it to make sure it didn’t get too dark on the outside. When it was done, I pulled it out of the pan. You can also put the chicken in the fridge to eat later cold. Cold fried chicken is really good.

My daughter was thrilled when she saw the picnic dinner! She said, “Oh it looks good, and I can take some for lunch to work tomorrow!” That is exactly what I was thinking. A dinner like this can be made early in the day so the house can be cool in the evening. It can also be made a day ahead of time to take somewhere with you. It doesn’t have to be hot when you eat it, and that is good for the summer. If it were a holiday, it would be nice to make a chocolate cake or an apple pie for dessert. If you are interested in how to make those, you can find the recipes for each if you look back through my blogs. Often, in America, we might eat this at a party and eat homemade ice cream for desert, but we don’t have the American ice cream machines here in Korea. Maybe when we go to America, I can get an ice cream machine and show you how to make ice cream with one. Until then, there is a recipe in one of my blogs for how to make ice cream in the freezer like we did in Romania.

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