The New Lion King Movie

I had an unusual day. I was working on putting together an interesting blog, and my daughter insisted we needed to go, so I put it doing thinking I would do it later. She has been on vacation, so things haven’t been normal at our house. She wanted to go to the Aladdin bookstore. She had collected several books she wanted to sell to the Aladdin store, so we went. After that, we went and talked to someone who wants to buy my car, then we headed for Lotte Shopping Mall because my son in law needed to talk to his boss. We remembered that our friend, Hanul, wanted to see the new Lion King movie, so my daughter called her. Hanul decided to meet us at the mall so we could all watch the Lion King Movie together. I thought when we left the house, we were just going for a few minutes and then be right back home, but it was almost 9:00 before we got home. Hanul is the one who began the idea of us going to see the Lion King movie, but my daughter and Korean son in law weren’t convinced they wanted to see it, but they went along as I did.

A Lion King Poster

When I first saw the posters for the Lion King, they looked just like the old Lion King movie posters to me. I wondered if we were going to go see the old one that was out when my daughter was a little girl after seeing the poster, but they assured me it was a remake. They said the original was animation, but the new movie was actual animals. I wondered how they did that because it would be impossible to get that many wild animals to act. They told me it was all done with technology.

Simba as a Lion Cub

The story was basically the same as the original. However, my daughter really loved the Lion King movie as a little girl, and she noticed whatever changes there were. She noticed there was a song that Nala, Simba’s girlfriend sang that wasn’t in the first one. She was amazed that they added the song because Disney has become more liberal through the years, and she didn’t expect any references to God. However, there was a reference to God in the song. She was exhorting Simba to do the right thing and calling on “the Great I Am” which is one of the names of God. My daughter seemed to be all over it because she even knew that Beyonce was the voice of Nala. She even knew who the voice of Simba was, but he is not as well known as Beyonce. If you have seen the television series “Community College,” he was one of the characters from that show.

The display outside the theater

As usual, I enjoyed the “Akuna Matata” song. I love that philosophy of no worries for the rest of your life. The other song that everyone loves is the song about the lion sleeping, “In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.” I have heard they actually sing that song to lions to make them sleep in South Africa and it wasn’t new to this movie.

Hanul loved the animals. However, I made a statement that my daughter and son in law agreed with. Why bother with a remake? The first one had animation that talked, and the second one had animals that talked, and both weren’t realistic, so why replace one unrealistic movie with another unrealistic movie? My daughter said she had thought it, but hadn’t said it. However, Hanul was really into those animals. She kept talking about how cute the animals were.

With such a busy day, it looks like the blog I was planning earlier in the day will have to wait until tomorrow. I also had dinner planned, but it has to wait until tomorrow because we all decided to eat during the movie. The movie was nice, but it was an animation movie and still feels like an animation movie with animals talking. I enjoyed it when they took the Aladdin animation movie and made it with people, but taking an animation animal movie and trying to put actual talking animals into it really made no sense to me. It was just like watching the original movie again.

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