Let’s Play With English; Red Verb Quiz, Level 3C

If you are following these blogs, this is the last red verb quiz on the third level. If you have come this far, you have made progress with your English. The third level needs Present Perfect Tense Verbs, Past Perfect Tense Verbs, Past Progressive Tense Verbs, and Gerunds. Gerunds look like verbs, but aren’t verbs. If you want to work with easier tenses, you need to go back to the first level. However, pushing on will make your English better. If you need a list of the red verbs, they are on the bottom of the red verb quiz 3A blog and 2A blog. You can also find a list of them on the introductory blog for all these quizzes. If you need a list of the Past Participles, you can find a list of the Past Participles, Simple Past Tense, and the basic verb for the red verbs in the introductory blog for this level. If you have made it this far, you are doing great!! Good luck! I hope you can find all the right answers! After you are finished, you can check yourself because the answers are at the bottom of the blog.

I hope you are having fun!!

Red Verb Quiz, Level 3C

  1. I ________read my Bible and prayed every morning since I became a Christian.
  2. He ___________ ______________at me all day. I think I am going to talk to him and try to understand why.
  3. I _________already _________breakfast at home, but my friend invited me to go to a coffee shop for a doughnut and coffee this morning. I went with my friend, so now I can’t eat lunch.
  4. He _______ ________hard and got to the fourth level verb quizzes.
  5. _______________is a wonderful skill because everyone likes to eat.
  6. When I went to the EnC Cafe, I saw him _____________on the couch.
  7. I __________never ___________ up for Halloween, but I want to. It looks like fun!
  8. I __________ ___________at his jokes, but he has changed. I don’t think he is funny anymore.
  9. ____________ is a skill all children must learn if they are going to learn anything.
  10. He __________ ____________too much beer, so he embarrassed himself by sleeping in the street.
  11. When I was living in America, I ___________ _____________ a cowboy hat and cowboy boots.
  12. You are late! I ________ ___________for an hour! Where have you been?
  13. He ___________ ____________all the questions correctly, and he will get an A.
  14. I love you so much that I feel like I ____________ ____________ you forever!
  15. The teacher ___________ _____________ the verb quiz on the table for us to take.
  16. He __________ ___________ me twenty times today! My phone has just been too noisy! He is a pest! I think I will turn my phone off!
  17. I’m tired! I was late, so I ________ ____________all the way to school!
  18. ___________ sweetly, she asked me to play.
  19. ____________ other people is the right thing to do.
  20. He is so funny that every time I see him, I just start ______________.
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Answers: 1. have 2. has looked or has smiled 3. had eaten 4. has worked 5. Cooking 6.sitting 7. have, dressed 8. had laughed or was laughing 9. reading 10. had drunk 11. had bought 12. have waited 13. has answered 14. have loved 15. has put 16. has called 17. have run 18. Smiling 19. Loving 20. laughing

If you have come this far, the next three quizzes will be for the pink verbs, but with the same forms of the verb as this quiz uses.

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