Let’s Play With English: Pink Verb Quiz, Level 2C

This is the last verb quiz on the second level. I hope you have already made an 80% on a pink verb quiz, but if you haven’t, here is another chance for you. Be sure to study modals and negative verbs before you take this quiz. Modals are words that express mood or emotion. Negative verbs are verbs that say “no.” If you look on the bottom of the blog for Pink Verb Quiz, Level 2A, you can find a list of the pink verbs. Fill in the blank with the proper modal, a verb that follows a modal, or a negative verb. If you need “to,” don’t forget it. Good luck!

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Pink Verb Quiz, Level 2C

  1. If you yell at a child, you _____________ _____________the child.
  2. I took so many pictures! I just ____________ _____________you my pictures!
  3. I __________ want to marry you. You ___________leave me alone!
  4. I did something stupid. He ___________ ____________that I am crazy! I am so embarrassed!
  5. When the semester starts, _____________ _________________which classes to take.
  6. I __________preach in front of the church because I am ________ a preacher.
  7. If you want to paint, you ____________ ______________with several paint brushes.
  8. The hurricane knocked many house down, and the people _____________to rebuild them.
  9. I am so happy! I took a test, and I didn’t ______________any of the words.
  10. I fall down when I play basketball, but I ______________hurt myself. I am always okay.
  11. I lost my cell phone somewhere in the classroom. ___________you please help me look for it?
  12. I would call your cell phone if I ______________to find it, but I left my cell phone at home.
  13. If we want to go to Heaven, we ____________ ____________Jesus because he knows the way.
  14. If the prisoner escapes, the police ___________ ____________him and put him back in jail.
  15. When her birthday comes,we ____________ _____________her with a birthday cake.
  16. The teachers punished the students by spanking, but they made a law saying they __________ spank, so they don’t spank them now.
  17. He hurt me, but I ___________ _____________him if I am a Christian.
  18. If they try to hurt my friend, I _____________ ____________my friend.
  19. Before I enter a house, I ___________ ______________on the door.
  20. I ______________ _______________a good English speaker, so I study.
I hope you slam dunked it this time!!///Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Answers: 1. might scare or could scare 2. must show or have to show 3. don’t, must 4. must think 5. must choose or have to choose 6. don’t, not 7. should paint 8. had 9. forget 10. don’t 11. Would or Could or Can 12. could 13. must follow or have to follow 14. must catch or have to catch 15. should surprise 16. can’t 17. must forgive or have to forgive 18. must protect or have to protect or should protect or want to protect 19. should knock or must knock or have to knock 20. want to become

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