Let’s Play With English: Pink Verb Quiz, Level 2B

This is the second pink verb quiz on the second level. On the second level, you fill the blank in with a modal, a verb, or a negative. A modal is a word that expresses mood or emotion. A verb is an action word or a state of being word. A negative is a verb that says “no.” Sometimes you will need “to,” so don’t forget to add “to” if you need it. The answers are at the end of the quiz. If you get 80% or higher, go on to the next level. If you don’t make higher than 80%, study some more and take the next pink verb quiz on the second level. If you want to see a list of the pink verbs, they are on the proceeding blog for the pink verb quiz level 1A. Good luck!

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Pink Verb Quiz, Level 2B

  1. He never eats onion. He _________ like them.
  2. The walls in my room look bad. I _________ _________paint them.
  3. If your friend falls, you ___________ _____________your friend.
  4. It is time to go. We _________ ____________.
  5. The preacher preaches every Sunday. He ___________ ____________on Tuesday.
  6. There is a good movie on over at Lotte Cinema. I __________ __________it.
  7. Teachers don’t just give grades away. We ____________ ____________them.
  8. The policeman found the jail empty and said, “The prisoner ______________have ______________!
  9. ____________you _______________the seal on this jar for me? I can’t get it open.
  10. We are born. We live, and when we get old, we all __________ ____________. We can’t escape it.
  11. If I want to go on a trip to America, I ___________ _____________money!
  12. The preacher said, “You ____________ ______________your hearts and be baptized if you want forgiveness of sins so you can go to Heaven.”
  13. When Americans come to Korea, they all ____________ ____________at Itaewon.
  14. If I want everything to be good in the end, then I ___________ _____________the right path.
  15. If we buy a cake for Mary on her birthday, then we _____________ ____________her.
  16. The artist said, “This mountain is so pretty! I ____________ ____________it!”
  17. Please come to my house. I ____________like _______________you my painting.
  18. He studies art because he ____________ _______________ an artist.
  19. If someone says, “I am sorry,” then we _____________ _______________them.
  20. I am not sure. I ____________ ______________ about it, and then make a decision.
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Answers: 1. doesn’t 2. should paint or must paint or have to paint or want to paint 3. should catch or must catch or have to catch 4. must leave or have to leave or should leave or want to leave 5. doesn’t preach 6. want to watch or must watch or have to watch or should watch 7. must earn or have to earn 8. must, escaped 9. would, break 10. must die or have to die 11. must earn or have to earn or should earn 12. must change or have to change 13. want to shop 14. must choose or have to choose 15. should surprise 16. must paint or have to paint or should paint 17. would, to show 18. wants to become 19. should forgive 20. must think or have to think or should think or want to think

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