A Hanbok Rental Shop

If you come to Korea and want to wear a hanbok, it is possible to do it without buying one. Many Koreans do it everyday, especially around Gyeongbuk Palace over in Gangwamun in Seoul, close to the American embassy. Koreans like to rent these hanboks, the traditional Korean clothing, and just walk around the palace in a hanbok. When ever you go close to Gyeongbuk Palace, you will see people walking up and down the streets in hanboks. Some own their own hanboks like I do, but many don’t, and they rent them. I stopped at one of those hanbok rental stores close to Gyeongbuk Palace today for you to see it.

Some girls I saw walking down the street in their hanboks
The hanboks are on display in front of the shop. The hanbok on the extreme left is a man’s hanbok. They are actually pants with a shirt to match. The women’s hanboks are dresses with a jacket over them.
Here is a little boy’s and a little girl’s hanbok in front of the store for rent. It gives you an idea of the prices. that is a photo both next to the hanboks in case someone wants to take their own picture in the hanbok.

There are mostly women’s hanboks, but the men’s and the children’s hanboks are there too. It is much cheaper than going to buy one. Lots of young women love to do it. In America, when I was in college, we used to have banquets, and we all wore long beautiful dresses, and that is what it is like, but they aren’t going to a banquet. They just plan on walking around in the hanbok.

The skirts on these hanboks are gorgeous!
The black hanboks are for the older women.
Lots of beautiful blue hanboks/ Darker hanboks are for the older ladies, and the lighter colors are for the young girls.
There were lots of beautiful pink hanboks for the young women.
Beautiful rental hanboks
A purple hanbok is something for the older ladies. My hanbok is purple.
You can see at the top that these are not just skirts, but they are dresses, but they always wear a jacket over the top part of the hanbok. The top part is very thin and sleeveless like a slip.
Girls walking around in their pink hanboks.
There are many different hanbok rental places around Gyeongbuk Palace. This is just one of them.
A couple of groups of girls walking around in their hanboks.

Everyone considers this part of the fun of visiting the palace, wearing the hanboks. They wear these for special occasions, and they are encouraged to wear them. I was given my hanbok to wear at my daughter’s wedding. My daughter’s mother in law had it made specially for me because she wanted me to wear it because she wanted a traditional Korean wedding. She also had a special wedding hanbok made especially for my daughter. They are not as flashy as these hanboks. My daughter’s hanbok has a red skirt and a white jacket with a yellow bow. Red is the color of the Korean bride, and I have heard it is also the color of the Chinese bride. When my daughter and son in law get together with his extended family, my daughter’s mother in law encourages my daughter to wear her hanbok because everyone loves to see her in it. On Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving, we all dressed in hanboks and went walking around at Geyeongbuk Palace like everyone else. When we go to traditional Korean parties with our Korean friends, they often wear hanboks. Koreans love to see other Koreans dressed in hanboks and encourage it. They also think it is a lot of fun to dress in hanboks. The hanbok is a lot more comfortable than the Japanese kimono. When I wore the Japanese kimono, they didn’t know what to do with my shape and wrapped towel after towel around my waste before they put the kimono on me because they thought I had too much shape, and to wear a kimono, your body is supposed to be completely flat, but not so when you wear a hanbok. If you come to Korea and want to wear a hanbok, but you don’t want to pay a big price, you can rent one.

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